Act 1, Scene 9: The Day of the Battle (Part 2)

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Act 1, Scene 9: The Day of the Battle (Part 2)
[I slip off my hood, and wipe off the sweat on my brow with my sleeve. I then walk to the left, and all but sprint to the moving walkway. Barely ten seconds later, I'm face-to-face with a gang of rednecks, all buck-toothed and mounted on stationary Harley-Davidsons. The shortest of these grunts gets down from his bike, and walks towards me.]
Grunt: Well what do we have here? A rookie trainer? *Squints*
Me (trembling): Er...hello?
Grunt: Quit wimpin' around, kid. I ain't gonna eat you, y'know. No need to be afraid. The name's Sebastian. What's yours?
Me: I'm Kiwi.
Sebastian: Welcome to the New Delhi Steel gym. I'll be your opponent. Come this way. The Battle Stadium's this way.
[Sebastian's leads me to a short, open cage. As we enter the 'cage', it turns out to be a lift of sorts, that takes us one level further down. The heat makes me toss off my hoodie. He leads me to what looks like a dungeon from the outside, but is actually an open battle stadium. There is a boy who looks like he's thirteen, waiting for us. He's got jet black locks and a sickeningly sweet smile. He is wearing a mund.]
Boy: Alright there, Sebastian? Did you find your watch?
Sebastian: Ar' I did, Kumar. It was in me bathroom.
Kumar: I see *looks superciliously at me* And who might this youth be?
Me: The name's Kiwi. I take it you're the referee?
Kumar: I am. *Looks at Sebastian* Players take your positions. Challenger Kiwi, the distal end, Sebastian, to my right.
[We take our positions]
Now, the rules of this Gym are simple. This battle is for the Slag Card. In all, there are three Cards. You can only battle the Gym Leader after you've collected all of the cards, and presented them to him. In this match, both the champion and the challenger are allowed to use two Pokemon. This is a knockout battle, meaning that the first trainer whose two Pokemon are knocked out will be the loser.
Me: Alright, my first Pokemon will be - Sawsbuck! *tosses Sawsbuck's Pokeball high in the air*
[Sawsbuck emerges from the Pokeball, in majestic Winter Forme]
Sebastian: Let's show him what we can do, Scizor!
*tosses a Great Ball in the air*
Me: Now, Sawsbuck, use Take Down!
Sebastian: Dodge it and use X-Scissor!
[Sawsbuck is hit on the face with X-Scissor]
Me: Are you okay, Sawsbuck?
Sawsbuck: Saw!
Me: Good! We've still got this match in the bag. Wait for him to attack.
Sebastian: Use Agility, Scizor!
Me: Now! Ice Beam!!
Sawsbuck: Sawwwwwsbuuuck!!
[Sawsbuck's Ice Beam narrowly misses Scizor, who inches ever closer to Sawsbuck. The ground around him is frozen solid. Sawsbuck is momentarily blinded.]
Sebastian: Fool! Where are you aiming?
Me: That's it! Ice Beam everywhere, Sawsbuck! Cover this entire field with ice.
Sawsbuck: Saw!
[Sawsbuck indiscrimately fires its Ice Beam all around, effectively changing the entire stadium into an ice arena. Scizor slips on a patch of ice, and collides with the opposite end of the stadium. Sawsbuck's Ice Beam hits Scizor, who now has a thick layer of ice on it.]
Sebastian: Fool! You can't freeze steel for long!
Me: I can do it long enough to - use TAKE DOWN!
Sebastian: No!!
[Sawsbuck charges towards Scizor, and with a resounding blow, knocks it out of the 'dungeon'.]
Me: That's a looooooooong shot!
Kumar: Scizor is unable to battle. The winner of this round is Challenger Kiwi.
Sebastian: Return, Scizor. Alright, time for a change of pace. I'm done playing around with you, kid. Go, Bastiodon!
[Sebastian sends out a Pokemon that looks like a cross between a triceratops and a mirror cube]
Me: A Steel-type dinosaur Pokemon? Don't make me laugh. Sawsbuck, use Take Down!
Sebastian: That move won't work twice in a row. Iron Defense, Bastiodon!
[Bastiodon sort of shrinks within and freezes like a statue.]
Me: Get out of his way, Sawsbuck!
[Sawsbuck seems to understand my warning, and tries to sprint out of the way, but slips on a collision course to Bastiodon, due to the icy floor.]
Me: Get out of the way!
[Sawsbuck slips and slides on the icy floor, and then finally quivers to a halt, evidently tired.]
Sebastian: That oughta teach you some seriousness.
Kumar: Sawsbuck is unable to battle. The winner of this round is Champion Sebastian.
Me (a little tensed): You did good Sawsbuck. Return! Alright Leonard, it's showtime! *tosses Leonard's PokéBall into the air*
Leonard: Pig!
Sebastian: Ooh, this is gonna be interesting. Bastiodon, use Take Down!
Me: I beginning to think you're the runt of the litter. Dodge it, Leonard, and use Flame Charge!
[Leonard jumps into the air, and attacks Bastiodon with a sea of flames. However, when Leonard lands back on terra firma, he is completely bipedal.]
Kumar: Bastiodon is unable to battle. Challenger Kiwi wins! Congratulations Pignite!
Me (confused): Pignite? *takes out Pokédex*
Dexter: Pignite, the Fire Pig Pokémon and the evolved form of Tepig. Pignite's food converts into fuel for the flame that burns in its stomach, and when fuel burns in its stomach, its speed increases.
Sebastian: Congrats kid! You did mighty well out there. Although, for future reference, it's very rude to call somebody, 'the runt of the litter'.
Me: Sorry.
Sebastian: It's ok. And hey, here's your Slag Card *hands me a squarish card with rounded edges and the painting of steel slag on it*
Right then, you may pass. The next challenger won't be so easy.

A/N: Long apology, and note about why this story has been dead for so long, inbound.

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