Sally's Secret

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Grover took the news pretty hard. I could tell because he went silent for 5 minutes straight. And it's usually hard to get him to shut up for even twenty seconds. He was shocked because it was only a couple months ago when she had dislocated her shoulder, which was still healing so why was she back in hospital so soon? And with cancer...

"Hey Annabeth..." Grover said in greeting as he opened the hospital door. We arrived back from getting food about 5 minutes ago. But he needed to compose himself. It's alright though. I understand.

Annabeth looks over and smiles brightly, although her shoulders stay slumped as she leans against the wall behind her.
"Long time no see Grover. I recall the last time I saw you, you and Percy almost burnt down the apartment."
Grover laughs and I shake my head in embarrassment.

"What were you boys trying to make again? Cookies?" She asks.
"Blue cookies." I mumble.
"Ahh so that's why the microwave was blue." She laughs.
The door opens behind us and my mother steps in.

"No one can recreate my recipe." She chimes in. She nods to Grover in greeting before stepping over towards Annabeth.
"I talked to the nurse and she's agreed." She smiles at Annabeth. Annabeth grips onto mum's hand and grins.
"Thanks Sally."
"No problem sweetheart."

I cough to catch their attention.
"So uhh..what has the nurse agreed to? Or is it top secret?" Grover kicks me in the shin as soon as I say the last phrase.
I wince and shoot him a dirty look. He whistles innocently back, looking away purposefully.

"Well, Annabeth can-" my mum starts.
"I can leave this bloody hospital bed for a full day tomorrow!" She squeals.
Never, and I repeat never, had I ever thought that the day would come when Annabeth Chase squealed.

For the rest of the day a grin is plastered on my face.

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