My Rain My Sunshine My Everything

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I really love writing but I really don't have courage to put my thought into words... Lately I've been addicted reading different stories here in Wattpad and I guess I wanna give it a try to...

Please don't judge me or hate me.. I just wanna give it a try..

Chapter 1

The weather is great and I just arrive from a 24 hours travel coming from Manila to the province where I learn to fall in love to....

It's been years since I was here in this place.. Memories suddenly came rushing through mind... This is the place where I met her... My first love... My reminiscing was cut by the sound of my phone.. It's from her.. The girl who teach me a lot of things and most of all who makes me fall inlove for the first time in my 17 years of existence.
She was asking if I arrived safely and I responded " yes".

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