Gather (part 2)

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BloodDrop's POV

I was quietly gathering herbs for the trip to ThunderClan camp. I had finished when BarePaw walked in. "We need to go soon BloodDrop, oh and, I got a thorn in my paw.." He said the last part quietly. I sigh and got the thorn out after making him show me it. He helped me carry my herbs as we set off to the new camp. I heaved as we got to ShadowClan territory. "Lets take, a break." I huffed, I wasn't in shape really, "You ok BloodDrop?" BarePaw asked me and I nodded and we continued the journey. We entered the new camp to see ShadowClan and ThunderClan working in the camp to expand it. We padded in and all eyes were on us.

I didn't mind much, I decided to help out some of the cats before starting on my den. I walked to an area of cat pushing at the wall. "Want some help?" I asked, "Sure! We're pushing the walls out so we can expand the dens." one cat, SnakeVenom I think? told me. I nodded and helped pushed it out. After a bit I stopped and went to the medicine cat den to sort herbs. I finished and started cleaning the den and putting new moss in for me and LightHerb. The small pool looked good and I smiled at the progress that's when RiverClan came in. LightHerb padded in and sniffed at the new den. "Like it? I did my best" I told him while rechecking the herbs. "Very good BloodDrop, I have extra herbs, help me sort them." LightHerb commanded and I nodded. We sorted his herbs and put them away in the store age area. "We might just survive, just might.." I said as we observed the cats working together.

Just might,

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