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It didn't take long for Arkady to call Rick back with some names and locations. "I'm still looking, but that's four of them to show you that I'm serious."

Rick had been secretly wondering if Arkady hadn't set them up with Sky as punishment for past sins. He'd worried that it was Arkady's plan to have Bruce killed, eventually ending in all of them dead. Arkady offering up a few names meant that he hadn't. Rick could sleep well knowing that Arkady was in fact on his side.

"Thanks Arkady. I appreciate it."

"I'll call you when I have more information" he promised. And with that the phone went dead.

Shoving the phone in his pocket Rick strutted out the door over to Jonathan's. "Boys!" he hollered from the entryway up to the second floor, the screen door slamming behind him.

Swan was the first to exit his room with Emily, one of the free loving girls that frequented their land right on his heels.

Rick shifted, casually dropping his thumbs into the waist of his jeans "Hey darling. I didn't know you were here. Hope I didn't wake you."

"No Sir." she said holding her bed sheet closed "You didn't wake us at all."

Her bashful smile and the way she eyed Swan Rick couldn't help his quiet chuckle "Well either way darling I need a word here with Swan." Rick leaned slightly to look beyond her "Jonathan! Let's go! Need to talk to you both!"

Swan shooed Emily who giggled back into the room and made his way down the stairs as Jonathan came out of his room cursing the rude awakening he'd just received.

"There better be coffee today." Swan grumbled as he walked past him to the kitchen "My fuck 'n head is pounding."

"Yep there is," Rick smirked turning to follow him "but you have to make it yourself."

Rolling his eyes in frustration Swan made his way to the percolator. In normal fashion he began prepping the coffee to brew. "So what the fuck brings you over here old man?"

"Watch it son. I can still kick the shit out of you." Rick warned as Jonathan moved in lazily leaning on the fridge.

You like to think you can Swan mumbled to himself, but knew it was probably true "Either way I still want to know why the hell you're here."

Rick threw Swan another sideways glare, but was in too good a mood to let him get at him "I have names." he teased.

With a sudden gust of energy Jonathan pushed off the fridge "Names to Sky's crew?"

"Yeah" Rick grinning at him "Some...And seems two of them live right here in town." Risk moved to the table. Flicking the ash of his smoke in the ashtray he took a seat "The other two are about four hours east of here."

"So when are we moving on them?" Jonathan asked eager to end all ties to Sky.

"Not today." Rick said eying him in warning. "Arkady's still look 'n to see how many more there are, but I have Sky's home address, and the addresses of those four." he said proceeding to list them out to them "If you hear any of those names around Cami I want to know."

"Done." they replied.

"Listen here boys." Rick warned looking from one to the other "I don't want either of you, or anyone else going off half cocked. Remember Cami's safety's on the line. We do this right. When we know who all is in the crew, we go at them all at once. You hear me?"

"We hear you." Swan said content that they had some headway.

"Okay. Spread the word to those, and only those" Rick stressed "you figure can keep it reeled in. Now I got to go deliver this envelope."

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