chapter 3

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Attack on Alaska.

The remote lab was in Alaska, on the shore side.
All the people who were transformed have escaped, and are headed towards the cities.
Whole Alaska is contaminated, Everyone of the citizens were bitten by the corpse, its a dilemma spread around here. Fear has become a mans worst nightmare, will there be a hope or a cure?

The US marshal is trying their best to erode the corpses on attacking the residential areas but we have lost many of our soldiers and some have them have taken their sides. Its a bio crisis which we are facing for the first time in our history.

 "Mom!" Kathy called in.

"What is it Kathy?!"

"Mom whole Alaska has been contaminated! We have to move from here, next they are heading towards Canada!" Kathy said in fear.

(The door bell rang)
"I'll go and check it out" said Kathy

Blake, kelly and Sean stood outside

Kathy opened the door

"You were right Kathy!"

"You were totally right!"

Blake and Kelly said it.

"We'll move with you!" Sean said.

"OK guys come on in" said Kathy.

"Mom can my friends move along with us to Greenland?." Kathy asked.

"Sure honey." said Kathy's mom

"So what's actually happening." asked Sean.

"Something went wrong in the lab, I guess they were triyn figure out some disease cure don't know,
My dads still stuck over there."

"We are moving towards green land the day after,So you guys can pack your supplies and can come over here." Kathy replied after 10 minutes.

15 mins later my friends left.

"Umm mom what do we have to do if they entre green land."

"Don't worry sweety we are moving the day after tomorrow so we'll think about it later OK go to bed" Kathy's mom said and kissed me good night.

"I love you mom." Kathy said

"Love you too honey."

That night Kathy was racked with night mares.


"Good morning mom"




Kathy she screamed when here mom had transformed.

Her mom caught her and jumped on her and bit her neck


"Sweetheart you fine! What's wrong."
My mom ran towards me in horror.

"Uh mom uh you..." Kathy shuddered.

"I guess you had a night mare 
Its OK everything is gonna be fine." She soothed me.

"Mom you were transformed."

"Its OK sweetie do you want me to sleep with you?" She said getting worried.

"Yes mom."



When my mom went outside the house she looked people were packing their bags and were moving.

"Bean" my mom called one of my neighbor.

Kathy's mom and beans  -POV-

"What's going on?" She asked him.

"Didn't you see how those things attacked Canada . before they move here were gonna leave this place and move south."
"You're not gonna come ?
The ship will be moving in three days." He said.

"No no my husbands private jet's gonna pick us up."

"OK take care." Bean replied.

" you too, Bye" I said


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