Birthday Boy (Jin)

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this is a dirty story, so you've been warned..

*beep beep beep beep*

Your alarm clock went off at 6:00am, and you hurried to turn it off so it wouldn't wake up your boyfriend Jin. It was his birthday, so you wanted to get up early to go shopping for everything you needed for his "party" tonight. You quietly got out of bed, trying not to disturb him. He shifted, but went right back to sleep. You sighed with relief, and walked over to your closet. You wanted to pick a cute outfit so when you get back later, you'll look cute for Jin. You picked out your favourite flannel, and then grabbed a black t-shirt, a pair of black leggings, and your converse. You got dressed, and then headed to the bathroom to do your makeup and your hair. You then left the apartment.

You got in your car, and pulled out your list. "okay, first stop is the grocery store" you said to yourself.
You put the car in drive, and went on your way. You arrived at the store, and you pulled out your list again. "candles, icing, balloons, streamers, sparklers and confetti" you read off your list. You walked around the store, gathering the things off your list, and once you had everything you needed, you checked out and headed back to your car. You crossed off 'Grocery Store' and then looked at where you needed to go next. "now, the bakery" you thought. You drove off, and soon arrived at the bakery.
You entered the store, and started looking for what you needed. "sweet, this cake mix is pink, Jin will love this!" you thought. You picked up the cake mix, and then went to look for sprinkles. You found the lane with the sprinkles, picked out a package of pink sprinkles and then went to the cashier. He checked your stuff out, and then you left to your car. You got in your car, and pulled out your list.
"Okay, one last stop" you said out loud. And just as you said the last word, you got a text from Jin.
"where are you, Jagiya?" it read. "im out shopping Jin, I'll be home soon. I love you." you replied.
"Okay, I love you too y/n" he said back. You put your phone away, and then proceeded to drive to your final stop. After a few minutes, you arrived at your destination. You got out of the car, and walked into the store. " Hi! Welcome to Sweet Indulgence, where you can find everything to satisfy your sex life needs, Is there anything you need help finding?" The woman at the door asked. " Yes actually. I'm looking for your lingerie." you replied. " Okay! Right this way!" she said, gesturing for you to follow her. You followed her to the back of the store, where you found a wall of bras, panties and more. " Which one would you like?" she asked. " The red, the black, and the pink" you replied, smirking at your thoughts about tonight. " Ooh! Good choice! Any special occasion?" she asked, as she grabbed your lingerie. " Yes, it's my boyfriend's birthday, so I want to surprise him with these" you said, smiling. "Oh, he's sure to love these" she replied, as she checked your stuff out. You grabbed your bags, and headed out the door, to your car. By the time you got home, it was 12:30pm. You grabbed everything out of your car, and headed into the apartment. You closed the door, and Jin ran up to you, hugging you. You had to hide your lingerie. "HI JAGIYA" Jin said happily. " Hi sweetie, how are you" you asked, walking to the kitchen to put your bags down. " I'm good now that your home. What did you get?" he asked, trying to get into the bags. " Ah ah ah, NO peaking." You said, as you slapped his hand away. " Aw, okay.." Jin pretended to be sad, so you gave him a peak on the lips. " Happy birthday Jinnie" you said. Jin didn't say anything, he just smiled, and then hugged you tightly. "Okay oppa, go into the living room while I prepare your birthday dinner, and cake." you said, shooing him out of the kitchen. " Okay Jagiya" He replied. He gave you one last kiss, and then ran to the living room.


It was now 8:30pm, and everything was done. You had made steak and potatoes with a side of salad, and his birthday cake. You sat down to eat, and soon after that, Jin was asking for seconds. You went to get him another helping, and then brought it back to him. You both finished dinner, and then you went to get the cake. You grabbed it from the freezer, and the put the final decorations on it. You then turned off the lights in the dining room, and brought out the cake with candles and sparklers on it.
You sang happy birthday to him, and then set the cake down on the table. " Happy Birthday Jin. I Love you so much" you said, smiling at him. " Aw y/n, I love you so much too. You didn't have to do all of this for me" Jin replied, smiling ear to ear. " I wanted to." you said, kissing his cheek. " Time to make a wish!" you said. " I don't need to, I already have everything I want" he said, kissing your forehead. He blew out the candle, and then cut a piece of cake for you and him. You finished the cake, and took the dishes to the kitchen. You then showed him another package of sparklers. " Now, we are going to go outside, and play with these" you said, grabbing his hand, and taking him outside. Once you were outside, you lit the sparklers, and ran around with Jin, waving them left and right. You settled down for a minute, and took a picture to remember this wonderful day. Once you ran out of sparklers, you went back inside, and sat on the couch. " I have one more thing for you." You said. " Yeah? and what's that?" He asked. " Pick a color. Pink, Red, or Black" you said. " Pink obviously!" he replied happily. "Okay, I'll be right back." You said, kissing his lips, lingering there for a minute and then walking to your bedroom. You grabbed your bag of lingerie, and pick out the pink one. You put it on, and put on some sexy music, and told Jin to close his eyes. Once you knew his eyes were closed, you walked downstairs, and straddled him. He opened his eyes, to see you in your brand new lingerie, and quietly moaned. " Since it's your birthday, I'm going to do a little dance for you, but I needed something to wear, so I picked this out. You like it?" You said, licking your lips. " I love it babe.. " he moaned in your ear. You smirked, and then got off his lap, and started dancing. Moving your hips from side to side, touching every inch of your body. Once you were close to ending the dance, you glanced at the bulge in his pants, and decided to moan. With that, Jin got up, and pinned you against the wall. " You know not to tease me, I'm going to have to punish you" he said, grabbing your hand, leading you to the bedroom. He threw you on the bed, and then climbed on to you. " It's your birthday, I'm supposed to be pleasuring you" you said, kissing his neck. " Well, that's too bad. You shouldn't have teased me." He said, taking off his shirt. He kissed your neck, and then started kissing down your body. Collarbone, stomach, and then the spot you needed him most. He kissed your inner thigh, and then removed your thong. He ran his fingers over your soaking wet clit, and then without warning, thrusted them into you, causing you to moan loudly. He thrusted in and out, painfully slow at first, but picking up speed, and curving them to hit your g-spot every thrust. " Oh Jin! That feels so good.. fuck" you moaned. Jin smirked and then picked up the pace again, going faster and harder than before. " Oh Jin, I'm close.." you moaned louder than before. But just before you hit your high, he pulled his fingers out. " Jinnie!" you whined. " I want to be in you when you cum" he said. He got both of you completely undressed and then lined up at your entrance. " Are you ready princess?" he asked. " Yes Jagiya." you replied, smiling. He pushed into you, and started thrusting slowly at first, but gradually picking up the speed. After a few minutes, that warm feeling in your stomach was back. " Jinnie, I'm close.." You moaned. " Louder Y/n, scream my name for the neighbours to hear" he moaned back. Blushing, you obeyed his wish and moaned his name louder than you were before. " Oh Jin! Fuck! Jin, Fuck me hard!!" you practically screamed. Jin was surprised at first, but then smirked at how hot it was to hear his name being moaned from your lips. " Jin, I'm coming..." You moaned, kissing his neck. "Me too y/n" he groaned back. You both released at the same time, and then Jin collapsed on you. He laid on you for a minute, catching his breath, and then rolled over to beside you. You cuddled into him, and tried to catch you breath as well. Once you could breathe, you looked up at him and smiled. " Happy birthday Jin. I love you. I love you so much." you said, cuddling up to him. " I love you so much y/n. Thank you for such an amazing birthday." Jin replied, kissing your forehead. You stayed awake for a couple more minutes, before you both drifted off to sleep.

The End.

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