Chapter 1

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Andrea POV;
" let's go to the mall" I tell Jaime, we're both sitting on my bed, like I said before were from the adoption center,
"Sure" Jaime says, we put our Vans on and told Ms.Connor we're going, we started walking towards to mall,
"Ok so let's go to buy Vans and Converse" I tell Jaime, he nods as we start going to the shoe store, we walked in and immediately we started shopping for some vans and converse, I bought some galaxy,black,gray,red,blue,and white, I bought some black and gray converse, Jaime bought some different color vans and converse, we spent like $300+,
"Can we go to some stores?" I ask Jaime, he nods and smiles at me,I smiled back as we head into stores,I bought a galaxy crop top and Galaxy sweat shirt
"Ok I'm hungry" me and Jaime say in unison as we walk out the store, we laughed and went to the lunch court, as we were walking somebody bumped into me which cause me to fall, Jaime looked at me
"You ok Drea?" He asked, I nod and look at whoever bumped into me, he had blue eyes,and blond hair,Jaime put his hand out for me to take,I grabbed it and he pulled me up,I looked at the boy who's friend was picking him up,
"I'm so sorry" the boys said
"I'm Jack Johnson,call me Johnson,that's Jack Gilinsky" Johnson said,smiling, I smiled back and so did Jaime
"I'm Andrea Ree but u can call me Drea, and that's my bestfriend Jaime Francisco" I tell them,they looked a little confused
"No last names?" Gilinsky asked
"Umm... You... Uh... We're from the adoption center, I've been there since I was 3 and Drea was there since she was 4" Jaime said sad a little, I wrapped my right arm around his waist to let him know I'm here.

"Sorry to hear,How old are you?" He asked us
"15'I said "16 "Jaime said "you?"we asked in unison
"19" they said in unison
"Okkk so do u wanna hang out with me and my other friends?" Johnson asked , I looked at Jaime who nodded, I nodded smiling
"Sure" I say, we started walking toward 3 boys, guessing their friends
"Hey guys this is Andrea and Jaime" Johnson introduced us
"Hi I'm Cameron Dallas" Cameron said with a smile
"I'm Matthew Espinosa call me Matt" Matt said with a light smile
"And I'm Nash Grier" Nash said smiling,warmly
"How old are you two?" Cam asked us
"15" i said
"16" Jaime said
"What's ur full names?" Nash asked
"Uhhh guys don't ask them that" Gilinsky said
"It's ok Gilinsky, you see Nash me and Jaime are from the adoption center been there for 13 years and he's been there for 12" I say
"Sorry about that,what's in the bag?" Cam asked us
I put my bag on the table we are sitting at, pulled out my boxes of converse,vans, sweatshirt,and crop top, Jaime pulled out his vans and converse, the guys eyes lit up immediately
"I like them already" Gilinsky said the guys nodded as me and Jaime laughed softly,as we put our stuff back in the bag
"Any talents?" Matt asked us
"Umm I sing and rap" I say
"I rap and sing too" Jaime said
"Favorite color?" Cam asks
"Blue,black,purple,and turquoise" I say,
"Blue and Yellow" Jaime says
"Likes?" Nash asked
"Singing,rapping,sweatshirts,sweatpants,crop tops,high waisted shorts,vans and converse" I say
"Rapping,vans,converse,sweatshirts and sweatpants" Jaime said
"Dislikes?" Johnson asked
"Makeup,pink,girly stuff and skirts" I says
"Not much so I don't know" Jaime said laughing slightly...

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