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"happy birthday."

you weren't expecting anything grand from nishinoya or actually anything at all. you were expecting more of a "happy birthday [f/n]-chan!" at the front of your door from him without a present as he lets himself in so that you two could binge on all the snacks in your pantry and watch a couple of movies.

and you liked that. you didn't need a present, all you needed was his presence (OOOOOOOOOOOOOO BARSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS //coughs// sorry) and that was good enough for you.
just sitting on your living room couch with his arms around you or you on his lap gave you a feeling of security and content; it made you feel warm and accepted which was something a present couldn't beat.

but sometimes, you needed other gifts in your life. evvven when nishinoya was already the best gift in your life.

today, at precisely 10:17 sharp, the doorbell of your house rang, making you groan. because you were home alone, that meant you had to go get it... ooor you could just ignore it.

knock knock knock knock knock, knock knock.

you furrowed your eyebrows at the sequence of knocks, immediately knowing it was your boyfriend, nishinoya, since he had claimed that knock as "his secret code." reluctantly, you got up and didn't bother fixing your hair which was quite messy. you were in barely presentable clothes but lmao "yolo." just kidding. you were a very lazy person who didn't care that much to look nice on a weekend.

"noya," you sighed, whipping the door open, "it's 10. not 1. why are you here so earl--"

"happy birthday my beautiful angel!" he beamed, cutting you off and holding out your favourite flowers, drink, candies and chocolate. but he was dressed in sweats and a random hoodie you thought looked cute on him.

a huge blush formed on your cheeks at the sudden surprise and you immediately slapped a hand over your mouth. "noya..." you gasped, "you didn't have to..."

he giggled and let himself in like usual and handed you his small gifts. "of course i did! we're in a relationship after all," he smirked, kissing your nose quickly which made you blush ever more, "i can spoil you all i want but i haven't sooo right now was the best chance! happy birthday [f/n]!"

you smiled widely and pulled him into a tight hug. "thanks noya... i love it."



as the day ended, you had found a note attached to one of the flowers which was plastic. it had your name written on it in nishinoya's crap hand writing and a cute emoji he liked using.

you sighed contently and took it off the flower to open and read it.

and in nishinoya's chicken scratch handwriting, it read,

"dear [f/n],

i will love you until this specific flower dies    <4 (because 4 is more than 3 so more love!!!)

ps. don't burn this flower pls

with allllllll my love,

nishinoya yuu."

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