it hurts luke.

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*lukes p.o.v*
I walked in and seen her on the floor with blood dripping down her hands and onto the floor.
"COURTNEY" I yell running over to her
"Courtney, wh-whats wrong!?"
She doesn't answer all she does is cry harder.
"Hey hey hey, its okay." I say standing her up.
"Let's go upstairs and clean you up" I say
"I'll carry you, you don't got to walk" I pick her up in a cradle position and walk up the stairs.
Once we get up the stairs I walk her into the bathroom and I get a rag and get it wet then dabbing it on her cuts.
"Oh bab- I mean Courtney." I caught myself.
"Courtney, these cuts are so deep."
"Why?" I say tearing up
"L-luke don't cry" she says
I fight back the tears
"I'll tell you in a minute, can we go downstairs get some tea then I'll tell you?" She questioned
"Yeah, come on" I say grabbing her hand and pulling her out of the bathroom while she's putting Band-Aids on.
We get downstairs and we sit on her couch, she lays her head on my shoulder and I can fell her relax.
I rap my arms around her.
About 15 minutes later she sits up and tell me her last life.
It was shocking, but the worst part was when she told me about her step monster and horrible dad kicking her and calling her terrible names.
I start to cry and so does she so I pull her into a hug and tell her
"Don't worry, you're safe now, I'm right next door and I'll never leave your side"
We hug for a good 10 minutes and then she pulls away, wipes her eyes and says
"Thank you."
"Its okay, no need to thank me" I reply
Wtf who is that I think
Awh fuck its the boys
"Is that cal Mikey and ash?" Courtney asks
"Yeah, wanna see them?" I ask her, trying to do anything to make her happy.
I walk up to the door and open it.
The boys run in and hug her.
I squeeze through Mikey and cal to get to her then I hold her tight and whisper.
"I love you"

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