Chapter 12

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I kept on running till I was at the front door and looked behind me to see if Ed was still fallowing me. Nobody was there, I sighed in relief and went inside. But to my surprise nobody was there and the lights were off.
"Stephanie?????" I yelled.
I started to panic and yelled Stephanie's name hoping nothing happened to her. I went up the steps to my room to get my cellphone to call 911. As I opened the door Ed was there, standing with my phone in his hand.
"How the hell did you get in here?!!!?!" I yelled.
"Calm down," Ed said calmly.
"Give me my fucking phone you freak!!!!" I tried to get to my phone but he moved it out of the way. And as I tried to slap his face out of anger, he grabbed my wrist with incredible strength. And pinned me to the ground,
"You have to listen to me," he said with a serious voice.
I struggled to be set free and his grasp tightened.
"Let go of me!!!"
He then quickly kisses me, making me even more aggravated, I push him off me and get a vase as a weapon,
"What the hell do you fucking want?!?!"
"I want to give you an explanation,"
"Then start explaining,"
"I'm an alien..."
"....and so are you...."

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