Chapter 17

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When I got up I did my chores. When I was done it was 5:00 already I know that many chores. "Emma we are leaving for the event. Wile I'm gone I want you to do your chores." I looked at her and said "it's already done." She looked at me and said "oh, well go to your room and do what ever you do." When I went upstairs I bumped into my cousins "oh it's you." She said they both had there dresses on for the event. They went down stairs and when I herd the door shut. I looked out the window to make sure they were gone. I ran to my room and put on my dress and mask. I went downstairs and waited. *dingdong* I opened the door to see Josie. I looked behind her of course another limbo. "Hey, you ready?" I looked at her and said "yes but I said no more limbos." She looked at me and said "well to bad." She stuck her tongue at me I returned the gesture. She giggled and pulled my hand "now come on let's goooooo" I ran with her and got in are limbo drivers name was named miles he was cute (but not as cute as Cameron😏😉) we got in and he asked us were we are going Josie gave him directions and we were off. "Ok Emma I got a plan." I looked at her "what plan?" I said "you know the plan to tell Cameron it's you." I shook my head and said "Nono no I can't I just came to have a fun party." I said "yeah but Emma you have to you herd him he loves you not Courtney!" I looked at her and said "no I can't! And I won't." She went to say something but said "you know what it's your choice I can't make you." She looked out the window and didn't talk to me for the rest of the ride. When we got there Miles helped us out. "Thanks" I said to him "your welcome" when we got in I showed them my ticket I got in but I didn't go into the area were everyone else is. I went to the bathroom. "Hey are you ok?" Josie asked me "yeah I'm fine you go ahead I will meet yeah up there." She gave me a nod when she left I pulled out a microphone little does every one know I'm going to be crashing this party.
What is she going to do?
Find out on the next chapter!!!

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