These words, what do they mean to you?

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As I sit here,
I feel as if my heart is wandering,
hand in hand with my mind.
The two are in conflict.
These two are almost opposites.
But they completely complete each other.
Like a dancing pair they move and glide in a simple unity.
It is love that joins them as two.
A binding power so strong, it will never be broken.
No never.

Sometime soon I must stop writing,
but no it is my mind and heart, the powerful two,
that move my pen, not my hand.
My hands are simply tools.
These words are true.
These words are real.
Do not doubt them, they are from my heart.
True for me, the feeling and depth are a wide open door.
I allow only those who love, to enter in.

A silence that creeps.
A whisper that sneaks.
Unexpectedly a noise that surrounds.
A gentleness that speaks.
A simpleness that breathes.
Uncontrollably a power that moves.
A loveliness that heals.
A corruptness that destroys.
Undeniably a love that stole a heart.

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