Moving (optional)

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This chapter is optional. I am sooooo sorry that this took forever, You can blame school for that. Also I broke my hand.

Mavis's Pov.
"Don't be such a baby, you have plenty of other friends that's not me." I said while packing up my clothes. "How am I supposed to be happy when I don't have my best friend with me!" yelled Zeira (did I spelled that right?) I can tell that she wasn't really happy about this new transition. I mean who wouldn't?! Well, I wasn't happy about it at first but it's better to focus on the positives than the negatives am I right? "Why couldn't your mom be a gardener or something?" said Zeira. "Really, a gardener?" I said to Zeira. "Well can't you just tell your mom you don't want to leave?!" yelled Zeira in a whiny tone."Even if I do tell her she wouldn't care." I said to Zeira.
To be honest, I actually told her that I didn't want to leave, but like I said earlier, she didn't care. A couple months ago my mom got a job offer which I was of course happy for her but that meant that we needed to move away from our small village we call home.
Now let me tell you something, my life here wasn't bad but it wasn't good either. We were pretty poor so in order to help pay rent, I did some part-time jobs and because I was to busy working, I never really went to school. But the good things was that in my spare time (being the good person I am) I did some volunteer work and played with my friends. But their was something that no one knew about that I used to do every night when everyone was asleep, and that secret was that . . . I like to draw. I know it sounds stupid but it's true, I love drawing. It all started when the next-door neighbor was throwing out trash and their was something that fell out of the trash bag. Being the curious (and dumb) person I am, I went outside to go get it. It was a sketchbook, and ever since then I never stopped drawing.
But none of that matters now since I'm moving to a BIG town. I think it was called Fiore? So that means I have to leaved all my friends and all my childhood memories and move to some weird town. But on the bright side, because of my moms new job, I get to go to school and have a house instead of a rusty old cottage (trust me they're not comfortable).
As I was almost done packing up I turned around to look at Zeira who was staring at the ground with a sad look on her face. As I was about to say something Zeira quietly said, "Well, at least don't forget about me when your gone." When she said that, I quickly grabbed her by the shoulders and wrapped my arms around her and said "Forget? Why would I forget my best friend in the entire world?!" I let go go of her and stared at her while tears were falling down her eyes. "Don't worry, I'll come back soon." I whispered through her ear. "Promise?" she said in a weak tone. I hugged her once more. "Promise" I said as I let go of her. "Hey" she said in a raspy voice. "You still have a couple more hours left, do you want to go outside and walk around?" I smiled, "Sure. That'll be great."
As we went outside and walked around the neighborhood, we talked about all the good times we had together and such. It really will be a bore to not have her around. As we came back to my place my dad told me it was time to go. "Promise me you'll come back?" said Zeira. "Promise". Then we hugged and said our goodbyes. As I went inside the car, my dad closed the trunk and started the engine. "So this is it. Today is the day when I'm going to have a new life." I said to myself.

5 hours later

5 hours have and we finally made it to our destination. All I have to say is wow. I just don't know what to say (Being the lazy person I am, I didn't want to write an entire paragraph of how the house looked like so just bare with me). As I was still staring at the house like a crazy person, I realized that this is the time to step up my game. It's the time to not look back, to not get distracted. It's time to make new friends. Watch out world because Mavis Vermillion is coming.
I'm soooooooooo sorry for taking so long to update and also for this shitty chapter which I was rushing to finish. I've had some few problems with my social life so that's why I couldn't update(And I broke my broken finger and also I needed to stay in the hospital for two months for something). I was actually going to post this in November but I was to lazy so I didn't do it. I promise The other chapters might be good so stay tuned.

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