Part 4

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When Niall wakes up he feels that he is not alone and not in his own bed. He lays confused but begins to giggle softly when he feels he didn't wet himself!

Louis lays awake next to him, the only one to be awake with Niall. 'Sophie! I not wet!' Niall giggles as he cuddles his stuffy.

When he puts it against his nose liking that feeling he notices he sucks on a dummy. He begins to stress not knowing how he got it in his mouth.

He takes it out quickly but when he wants to take it out he looks up and sees Louis. Niall quickly gets a pout and begins to cry.

'I'm so sorry please don't hate me.' Niall cries in his hands. Louis notices he doesn't remember yesterday.

'Oh babe.' Louis says and quickly takes him in his arms and cuddles him close. 'It is okay nini, we know you struggle with it.'

Niall cries only louder which makes Louis a bit worried so he takes the dummy which is in Nialls hand and puts it in Nialls mouth.

Niall looks with big teary eyes to Louis, wanting to suck on the dummy but can't because the other boys are there.

He is so upset that he is caught by the boys he just can't help it but suck on the dummy needing the comfort.

Louis smiles and sees that he relaxes a bit. 'Nini we don't mind about this, I and I think the other two too would love to be your daddy.'

Niall looks confused. 'No I can't do that to you all, I'm a stupid boy who pees in bed, can't make it to the toilet in time, sleeps with a stuffy and sometimes when you went clubbing with a dummy.'

When Niall says that he burst out in tears again. 'That's okay Niall, a lot of people who can't handle the stress can have that too.'

'Remember when I needed to call my mom every day at 5 o'clock and if I didn't I would be yelling to everyone and broke a lot of stuff?'

Niall nods as he lays against Louis. 'No liked that.' Louis smiles. 'I know nini so that was my stress moment too.'

Niall nods feeling a bit more confident about it. 'You my daddy now?' Niall says as he looks to Louis with big eyes.

'Only if you want it.' Louis says and sees Niall nod like an idiot. Louis smiles. 'Okay babyboy I'm your daddy.'

Niall relaxes and lays down on top of Louis, making himself small while cuddling Louis and stuffy Sophie as he sucks on the dummy.

'So nini did you said you had some problems with making in to the toilet in time, do you mean in day time?' Louis asks carefully.

Niall begins to blush that it almost looked like he put tomatoes on his cheeks. 'That's alright nini, come let's change you.'

Louis stands up and carries Niall to his room. Niall relaxes at the comfort he gets. Loving this moment that finally someone carries him.

Louis smiles and sings softly infinity. When he comes to Nialls room he lays him down and puts a nappy on him.

Niall blushes as he sees his ageplay stuff and begins to stress a bit when Louis takes the clothes of him and grabs a nappy.

'Relax nini, Its not that I haven't see you naked before.' Louis says as he begins to put a nappy on him.

Louis picks Niall up who is only in a nappy. 'Lets put a shirt and socks on you cutie.' Louis says as he gives a kiss on Nialls head.

Niall giggles as he points to the big shirt and warm socks he wants to wair. Louis grabs them and puts it on him, hoping that Niall get less stressed.

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