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I awoke feeling a tad nauseous. What happened last night? I remember fighting that creature and then the rest of the night was a blank slate. My right leg ached for some reason. My shirt had rode up sometime during the night and...Ridley's arm was curled around my waist. My bare waist to be exact. It was an intimate posture. I wondered why he had done that. I could feel his hard muscles against my back. It was a nice feeling but it was also odd. I would of loved to kick him out onto the cold marble floor. But everything ached and I kind of wanted to go back to sleep. Ridley's fingers tensed against my stomach like he was having a nightmare. I slowly turned around so that I was facing him. I quickly brushed a kiss upon his cheek. My cheeks reddened at my boldness. Ridley was quite a heavy sleeper even that didn't even stir him.

  "Thank you, Ridley, for what ever you did last night." 

   I removed his arm and slid out of my bed. As soon as my feet hit the ground my legs wobbled and I fell onto my knees. Ow. I noticed a long burn the size of my finger on my right leg. Yes, that was right I got hurt last night. Ridley must have burned the wound to stop it from bleeding. It was an old practice but it worked well. Cauterizing the wound was good if you could not find the appropriate tools.  I carefully stood up, hanging onto the wall for balance. I pulled on a pair of clean trousers and left my feet bare. I grabbed a clean set of clothes and headed outside. I walked upstream to a secluded area where I could bathe in privacy. Well, it was private up until Fychan canon balled into the water next to me, nearly drowning me. Then I decided I was clean and dried myself before dressing in a loose tunic and leggings. 

  "Thank you ever so much Fychan." I said, sarcastically.

  Sorry Mistress, he spoke in my mind. I slowly walked back to my home but I was spotted by Ridley. He smiled as he sauntered up to me. A single question popped into my mind when he stopped in front of me.

  "Ridley, why did you kiss me?" 

     "Because I fell for you. Hard. It wasn't easy falling for someone who hates you all the time." He spoke the truth and it hurt him to say it.

  "I don't hate you." I said softly.

  "Yes you do." 

   "No I do not. I may despise you sometimes but I could never hate you." 

   "Ok then. You hate my tribe for what they did to you, don't you?"

     I merely nodded, agreeing with what he said. I saw a flash of black in the trees on my left. Then a tall, grey haired Kitsune stepped out. He grinned at me, his eyes raking down my body. I inwardly shuddered.

  "Had a hard time finding you two. Seemed like you were throwing us off your scent." The Kitsune growled.

  I instantly stepped in front of Ridley. 

     "Oh no, miss, it's not him we want. We need you. Stop trying to be a hero." He snarled and slapped me forcefully.

  I went down, my cheek stinging in pain. I glared at him as I stood.

    "Feisty thing aren't ya? Maybe I'll play with you before we destroy you." He eyed me boldly.

    I spat at him. He just laughed before stepping forward. Two more Kitsunes came out of the jungle. My hands curled into fists. I punched the Kitsune in the face. He retaliated by pulling out a gun and holding to my shoulder.

  "Watch." He told us.

    He pulled the trigger and an explosion of pain rippled through me. I let out a pained yelp and clutched my shoulder. The Kitsune pushed roughly at my injured shoulder and I fell to the ground.


  Ridley was by my side in a second. Blood leeched through my fingers, stain my shirt rust red. 

   "Take her. She cannot run while she is injured." 

  "Ridley. Run." My breath was coming out in short puffs and I couldn't see straight.

   Ridley's posture was telling me that he wasn't going anywhere without me. Stupid idiot. There was a slight smile on my face at Ridley's stubbornness. I heard a grunt of pain and Ridley's body slumped. I saw a furry form running towards me. I heard a shot and Fychan fell. How dare they shoot my friend?!

   "Tomas is not going to like this. Tie them up and let's go back to the ship."

   I slid into inky oblivion. 



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