Chapter 20

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Stormfire tossed and turned in her sleep her dreams haunted her. Two ice blue eyes gleamed in the darkness. Lilyheart's death played over and over again in Stormfire's mind.

Suddenly a long haired dark red Tom staggered into a grassy clearing his green eyes glazed. This cat collapsed and convulsed drooling. Then he went still.

The name was screeched from cats Stormfire could not see. Stormfire bolted wanting to be away from these visions.

Then a starlight silver tabby she-cat stood in front of Stormfire.

"Silverstripe!" Stormfire cried desperately.

Stormfire's Mother looked angry thought it didn't disguise the despair in her blue eyes. "Stormfire! This is wrong! You are not meant to be with them!"

"Who?" Stormfire asked. "Skyclan? But you told us to go to the place where Sky lives,"

"And you didn't listen," Silverstripe hissed fading. "Your actions have had consequences,"

Stormfire stared in horror not wanting to comprehend what this meant. Suddenly Silverstripe disappeared and instead Stormfire stood in a field filled with large dark blue and green flowers. Fallowflower, Mousewing, Hazelberry and Cloudpelt stood there too.

"This is what It is!" Cloudpelt cried.

Then Stormfire woke up. The other four were awake too and all five cats bolted to Lionstar's den.

"Lionstar!" They all cried.

Lionstar turned to face them. "Yes?"

He was sitting with an old dark gray and white she-cat who Stormfire knew to be Willow a former rogue.

"Are there dark blue and green flowers growing anywhere around here?" Mousewing asked.

Lionstar shook his head but Willow jolted up. "I know the flowers you speak of! They are far from here but I travelled there once! Why?"

"We need to find them to heal a sickness back at our clans," Hazelberry answered. "We were given the message go to the place where Sky lives to find it. We thought Sky was Skyclan but we were wrong,"

"Sky!" Willow gasped. "I remember him! He's the cat who took me to the field of flowers! That's what that meant!"

The five cats exchanged glances.

"Where do we find him?" Stormfire asked.

"If you go past the Twolegplace above and past the gorge you'll end up in a field. Past it is a forest and beyond that is Sky's barn. He will take you," Willow explained.

The travelling cats nodded.

"We'll leave tomorrow provided the weather is good," Cloudpelt decided.

"Thank you for your help Willow and Lionstar thank you for caring for us," Hazelberry meowed.

Lionstar dipped his head. "It has been an honour,"

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