Twenty five: Turn around

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Walking along the street, was a woman of no importance. An average woman. A woman no one would think to harm. Ms. Evangelise had always considered herself of no importance. Average face, average brown hair, average light pink skin. Only a few average freckles and the average amount of gills. Divorced, with two children, aged three and one years old. As average and ordinary as you could possibly get on Serawoh.

As she strolled down the street, she came to a crossroad between an alleyway and the everyday street she took. Now, Ms. Evangelise had learnt to follow the rules. She ate her vegetables and did daily exercise. Made sure to work five days a week and never complain. But this particular day she had a babysitter at her house who could not stay the whole three hours to look after her children, and therefore, Ms. Evangelise was in somewhat of a hurry. Deciding that no one would possibly want to mug her in her old coat and wrinkled shirt and pants, she began power walking through the alley.

After a few minutes of strolling through what seemed to be an old closed off road turned alley, a loud bang startled Ms. Evangelise, causing her to give a cry of shock and whip her head around to the sound.

"Who's there? Hello?" Ms. Evangelise stuttered, tripping over a trash can in the process of walking away from the noise. Suddenly, a small whimper was heard, and Ms. Evangelise stopped, curious.

"Is someone there? If you are hurt, please say so. I'm rather in a rush to go." She gasped, swallowing her fear and turning back around.

A small kitten leaped out from the cardboard boxes squashed together, and meowed, it's big brown eyes blinking at her. Ms. Evangelise sighed, and picked up the cat gingerly, not wanting to disturb it, or better yet, cause it any reason to hurt her.

"Jut a silly little cat. Oh my nerves are jumpy today." She laughed nervously, and placed the cat in her coat pocket, "I think I will drop you off to the pound once we're out of this alley. Can't let the children see a kitten in our house." She muttered and forced herself to keep walking briskly down the stoney road.

When Ms. Evangelise was almost at the end of the alleyway, another loud crash, was heard. She scoffed, and placed the kitten down, who followed her happily as she investigated.

"Are there more of you then?" She asked the kitten, "Come on now, come out. Don't be shy, I won't hurt you." Ms. Evangelise cooed at the nearby rubbish. It rustled.

Ms. Evangelise turned her back to the trash and smiled at the cat. "There you go, you'll have a friend. Although I probably will have to pay the babysitter extra, thanks to you, seeing as I'm going to be late now anyway." The kitten stopped looking at her, and slowly hissed, growling as best it could, until all the hairs on its back were raised.

"What is it, what's wrong?" She queried, fearing bubbling up inside her once more. Something wet dripped onto her coat, sliding down and landing on the ground with a quiet splat. Inhaling sharply, she looked up, and saw a small part of the dome that held up their world had been broken. A scream crept up into her mouth, only to be silenced by the kitten growling louder, like it was in fatal danger.

By the time Ms. Evangelise had turned around, a figure approached from out of the rubbish and charged towards her, twisting something sharp and jagged into her stomach. The scream on her tongue was ripped from her as she howled in fright and pain, dropping to the cold stones beneath her.

As her vision began to blur, and the water dripping above clouded her sight, she saw the small kitten rubbing her face, and the figure walking away into the shadows once more.

(A/N) Hi, so, um yeah I know it's been a while, but I just felt like I couldn't keep going with this story, and I had school and writers block and a sick friend in the hospital so I was busy (you must get that a lot from authors i know) but because it's my holidays, I will be updating all my books on both profiles from now on, plus I'm sick so there's an excuse for writing. Love you all, THANKYOU so much for staying with me.

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