Bag of goodies

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Hallo! Monkeys! I reached 250+ yey and read @lovely_len's book (its about friendship)

Daniel's POV

Im here again in section B were we study an old boring philosophy

I hate philosophy!

Next class was chemistry class

But not to worry kath was right in front of me

So instead I was watching her back

Still staring

I saw me and kath in a wedding but it was not like we were one of the brides maids and best men

We were the one getting married!


"yes..." i replied



Oh it was just julia

Coco passed a platic to julia and julia gave it to me

It was a bunch of snacks and two mogumogu bottles!

Also a fresh bouquet of pink roses

Well ibdont know what type of flower she likes

And a bought a mini moon cake

"thanks jul!" i said

Then i placed everything in my locker

Then someone tapped my arm

"what are you doing" i asked kim

Which you may know, she is the new vice principal, AKA, an annoying stalker!

"uh... Nothing" she said smiling

Then i saw kath walking by

"well see you later" then i ran off

I hugged kath immediately

"whats wrong?" she asked

"sorry, its nothing" i let go of the hug

"by the way since when did you amd JA started to become friends?" i asked while still a bit blushing because of staring at Kath

"oh, just before liza's 18th birthday started, he was kinda sweet acting as tough he really was my big brother. But until now im still wondering why our parents bacame friends taht quick not even telling me!" she replied

"if there is something behind those anoys we can figure it when they had done something suspicious. Expect the unexpected!" i said trying to calm her

"well i have to go to my next class!" she said

"ok! Meet you at the garden by 4pm!" then i waved good bye and tries to go back to my locker!

I opened it

And saw all the goodies that my friends bought were all gone!

I searched for it

Until I saw kim with the bag!

"give me that!" i commanded her

"not unless you give me your heart back babe!" yuck!

"are you drunk!" i asked

"nope" she said still showing her creepy smile

"pathetic!" then left

I paused for a while

And said while facing back.

"dont bother to force me! You'll never change my mind!"  then quickly i ran back to her took the bag of goodies and ran off

Then i heard her growling

Then finally i saw coco

I asked him to keep my bag of goodies cause it seems like miss annoying knows my locker code

He generously accelted it and kept it in his locker

I went back to the classroom and sat in my chair

There was 20 min. Break time left so i played COC for a while

Then finally the school bell rang!

I palced my books on top of my desk and read some of them

Im actually top 2 in my class but our top 1 student always gets absent like 2-3 times a week!

Then finally a knock was heard

Tyler opened the door

And i saw that Kim was there!

Now what!!!

Good thing Kath came

But she was late

I saw that kim got a little bit angry

So i stood up and said

"kath sit beside me" then she went towards me

But then kim tripped kath towards me and i was able to catch her!

Well i admit i might have blushed

Everyone in class was giggling and whipering out loud

They are so cute together

Awww...... Their so sweet

They are perfect for eachother

"i want silence in my class!!!!!" kim banged!


"well now i am your new TLE and computer teacher, i will be responsible for the gradings of your participation, so do be kind and participate" she said

She looked at the chair and she dusted it off.

"ugh! Your chairs are so rubbish! I cant bare it!" she said dramatically

Then Ruby stood up and got a handcercheif and tried to wipe the chair

"no thank you i want miss bernardo wiping it for me" she said while snobbing

Like who does she tgink she is!

She not our boss!

Get out of this school! Thats what i would say if I were Kath, the owner of this school

Then when all my classes are now done

I went to my locker and placed my books

Then i saw Kath approaching

"vice principal kim said no courting on school grounds..." she said

"oh its ok we could go to beverly hills there is a bigger garden there" i suggested and sge gave a thumbs up

Then the two of us heard a bang! By the lockers

I saw that it was Kim and she stomped her foot along the way

What up with her?!

She is completely annoying!

Then i went to coco to pick up my bag of goodies

And went of to my car and drove to beverly hills!


Thats all tomorrow or the day after that, i will be able to update this book cause im tired

And plus im not allowed to use my phone on weekdays

So i usually sneak in


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