An Unexpected Change of Events

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I wake earlier the next morning refreshed. My mother was right. You always sleep better with a full belly. I roll myself out of the comfort of my bed and into some layered clothing. I lace up my boots and pull my bow over my head. Before leaving my bedroom I look at myself in the mirror. My mismatched eyes and messy dark hair flowing over my shoulders, I trace my finger along my sharp smooth features.
My father always told me that my eyes represented the seasons. Icy-blue color for winter, and a deep green for spring. My eyes well up in tears as I think back to my father. I look up at the ceiling in an effort not to let the tears fall. I stay in my room until my vision is clear of tears. I will not cry in front of my mother. I am strong.
I quietly step into the kitchen and slip out the back door. My footsteps make marks in the deep snow as I walk. I step on to a trunk that has falling over the iced over river. This would of been easier for that squirrel. I keep my balance steady and calm, cautious not to tilt to one side more than the other.
I'm almost over the river when I stumble into a puddle that formed in a hole in the tree trunk. I slip and lose my balance. I tilt. Just how I'd been so carful not to do. I lose control and peer into the air and break through the thin layer of ice. And I'm surrounded in 50 degrees water. I'm stunned. I can't move.
The water has shocked me. I can't feel anything my whole body is numb.
Fear and dread fills my body. I can't get out. I stay there for what seems like five minutes? One? I can't tell.
I see something stick out from the surface of the water. It's reaching towards me. But I can't make out the object.
The object searches, and finds my hand.
It pulls me to the surface. The world blank around me. I see a person hunched over me. Looking at me. My vision is to blurred to make out of its and adult or child. That's the last thing I see before my vision goes completely black.

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