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(Also there is no night class! (Cause there is no Vampires in this book))

(Zero Kiryu) 

Name: Zero Kiryu

Age: 16

Type of wolf: Delta

Delta: Deltas are normal rank wolfs 

Appearance: Zero is a silver medium sized wolf with ear piercings and a tattoo on his neck. He has lavender eye's and medium sized sharp teeth and fangs. When in human form, his ears are almost flat on his head and he always has his tail dragging behind him. 

Like's: Sleeping 

Dislikes: Being woken up 

Relationship status: Single 

(Yuki Cross)

Name: Yuki Cross 

Age: 15

Type of wolf: Beta 

Beta: have a higher rank then Delta's 

Appearance: Yuki is a small dark brown haired wolf with reddish brownish eye's. She has small but very pointy teeth. When in Human form her eyes are always always tilted to the side a bit to make her look cuter, She keeps her tail up high unless she is sad.

Like's: Watching Zero

Dislikes: Eating Crosses food 

Relationship status: Single but has a small Crush on Zero 

(Kaname Kuran)

Name: Kaname Kuran 

Age: 19 

Type of wolf: Alpha 

Alpha: Leader of a pack. Has the highest rank out of all the wolfs. 

Appearance: Kaname is a Large Chocolate haired wolf with very long and sharp teeth and fangs. When in Human form Kaname's ears are standing straight up on his head, his tail swings at hip length when walking. 

Likes: Watching the sun rise and set 

Dislikes: Rido his uncle 

Relationship status: Looking for mate as we speak *Ahea* I mean- Looking for mate as YOU read 0w0!

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