2009, June 20.

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Shit, shit, shit.

Police have finally began to suspect us. We had to travel great distances because they have started an official hunt. We're up in some mountain now. Emily's crying, and I can't feel a thing. I'm trying to keep Emily warm but I'm cold so that's not helping at all. Toby is finding dry wood so we could spark up a fire.

Needless to say, there are no shops up here to help us. We have actually hiked so high up that it's kind of snowing. Hope we don't die here. Really really hope we don't.

If I do die, Emily has to be 100% safe. She's the sweetest thing ever.

Toby is back with 3 sticks and a dead animal that seems to be a.. squirrel? Whatever it is, it'll fill our stomach. He has a huge gash on his cheek as well. He shrugged it off by saying that he got it when he was looking for the sticks. He's not even wearing his coat.. He lent it to me because I was freezing to death.

Toby.. I feel really bad for him.

Toby really is trying his best to keep us alive. We're short on drugs but he's managing. For us I think. I appreciate that. He's a really bright kid; I guess that's why I had a crush on him in the beginning. He is charming, and is actually really sweet. And no, I don't love him okay?

But.. I do know that I had corrupted him..

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