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Hopefully you all know the stories of percy jackson being betrayed by camp half blood and going to work with chaos. If not, you should, because there are some pretty good stories out there with that topic.

Anyway, this is basically just like those but with a twist. Which I will get to after explaining some things.

So some new kid comes to camp and brainwashes everyone into betraying the great percy jackson. How? I have no clue, you decide. When percy leaves, the spell this kid put over everyone vanishes and they don't remember anything about what happened. But they figure out the truth from someone. (Probably Nico but you can chose who it is.)

Now here comes the good part. This is a PERCABETH fan fiction. That means it's being told from both of their point of views. That is not the twist if you were thinking it was. The twist is that before this kid came and percy left, Annabeth got pregnant. Yes, that's right, percy jackson left Annabeth chase PREGNANT! Of course he didn't know and Annabeth couldn't tell him because she was under a spell. But anyways...

When percy comes back after his transformation into chaos' warier, he comes back and has to meet up with his kid, not knowing they are his kid.

No one knows who he is because he is hooded and OH!! I forgot to mention that the seven were turned into gods so percy and Annabeth's child will obviously be immortal too. Anyway carrying on...

He figures out the kid is Annabeth's and is automatically crushed because he was hoping  that she still loved him (he thinks it's someone else's). He never got over him and she never got over him.

After that, let the drama, BEGIN!!

Oh and p.s. This story was sort of inspired by the song "Whiskey Lullaby" by Brad Paisley. Sort of as in they don't die like the characters in the song do. I was listening to the song while reading a percy jackson betrayal story. I was bawling after I read one chapter. It was THAT sad.

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