Coming Out The Closet

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I was doing it. i was coming out on the last day of school. i know people already think im gay but im proving them right today.

I am doing this . NO MORE HIDING FOR THIS JEW ! NO MORE. I walk into my last class . It was my last class this year . Sumer is coming on and im coming out --of the closet. I stare at Stan . Oh Stan ~ . He is the sexiest , kindest , most amazing guy i have ever ment . like ever.

I tap my pencil on my desk . The teacher said do whatever you want because she doesn't give to flying fucks. What i wanted to do was stare at Stan . Like forever . " Kyle?" Stan says. I snap out of my trance and stare at Stan then I smile. " Hey Stan , Sorry i was zoned out their just thinking about someone important"

I state and i quickly regret it when Craig Tucker butts in. " Who was it " He questions as Tweek , I know they are a thing they have to be , pouts behind him from the lack attention. " A guy " I say. " Fag ", Eric Cartman Mutters. " Yeah so ?" I asked .

I guess i have came out. Right ? Because chocking up those words were hard enough . " Brah , you're gay ?" Kenny asked. i nod , That was hard ! " Me too " Stan whispers in my ear answering all my hopes , fulfilling my dreams . My SBF is Gay !

That day me being gay spreaded throughout the town as soon as possible. I didn't care about the people throwing insults at me . I was at high spirts because Stan is as straight as a rainbow !

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