Chapter Seven: Another Birthday

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Chapter Seven: Another Birthday


It's been two weeks. I tried being nice to Indiana this whole time but it was hard. Why did she have to go bitch mode on me? I don't understand. She was so nice in the beginning and now I've done something wrong. She keeps telling papa that I need to move out and live on my own now that I'm 19 and go to college so I can support myself in the future. She knows I'm trying to get accepted in the community college right? I don't know if I can keep being nice to her anymore. She has turned papa against me. He pays more attention to her than he does to me. I guess Zach was right, love does do some crazy shit to you.

The entire two weeks she's been here, I've been hanging out with Zach. I try not to complain to him but it's hard not to. He listens to me and has been helping get through it.

She moved into papa's room! I can't believe papa would go that low. I guess I shouldn't be surprised but he said he wouldn't. Love has gotten the best of him. So while they are doing God knows what in there, I've been taking nice walks at 2 a.m. to Zach's house.

It's been raining a lot lately and I'm afraid of thunder. Before she came, I would and sleep in papa's bed, but it has been taken. So I run to Zach's house.


One more week before Zach's birthday! What should I give him? His gift to me was so personal and meant a lot to me. I racked my brain thinking. About 10 minutes later I thought of something. He's told me before that he hates how the girls always get breakfast in bed and he wants one. So I'll make him breakfast in bed. It will be perfect.

It was raining all night and couldn't sleep, so I text Zach.

Me: I'm scared XD

The house has completely silent. There was no way I could sneak out tonight. Lighting came and with that thunder came after. I was so scared.

I get a text from Zach about 10 minutes later.

Zach<3: Do you want to come over?

Me: Yes:) If you don't mind?

Zach<3: Of course you can:) Haha my bed is always yours....

Me: Be there in a minute:)

Zach<3: Okay! See you soon:)

I grabbed my converse and my raincoat. Now what do I do? I thought. I sat on my bed for a good five minutes thinking about the best way to get the hell out of my house. Lighting struck. I looked out the window. That's how I can get out! I went to my balcony door opened it right when the thunder came and closed the door as quiet as I could. From there I just climbed down the rain gutter, almost slipping. I ran for the fields and hopped the fence.

At Zach's house I went in through the garage side door and up a flight a stairs into Zach's bedroom. He was knocked out cold, slipping my shoes off and coat, I climbed into his bed. He woke and all I got see were his big green eyes.

"Hey" he said breaking the silence.

"Hi. Sorry to wake you up. You can go back to sleep."

"No it's okay I wanted to talk to you any way."

"Alright." I snuggled in closer.

"Okay. Umm how do I word this? Well over the summer we have grown pretty close to each other."


"I just want to make sure it stays that way when I go back to school and you can meet all my friends."

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