Episode 22: "Men Speak of Goddesses"

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This heavenly creature came to me, came down to me. She presented this gentle demeanor with fingertips majestically positioned. The sun's glow had created this silhouette on her, and yet I was able to notice every detail that made this image so clear. There was an essence that eluded from her and it began to engulf me whole. I became consumed in her very being as it entered me. I found my heart slowing at a pace in which I barely could feel. I knew I was still alive though. I looked upon her with eyes wide open.

I looked onto her and embarrassingly gazed at her creamy soft skin which yearned for touch. I couldn't help but blush as I realized her beauty stood beyond any Earthly creature. I blushed as I realized her very beauty would tempt the best controlled spirits. And I blushed more so because my body seemed to have reacted in accordance to her presence, wanting to engage in these undisclosed desires all on its own.

There was a desire to reach out to the sky above me and extend my arms to the farthest it would take me and hope that'd be enough to guide her the rest of the way. My heart was feeling light suddenly. And my body...

On the inside, if you could have seen, you'd see my soul within submerged in the depths of her essence. I was enchanted.

Yet she was as attainable as reaching for air.

*Excerpt from my short story, "Beyond the Clouds"

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