I sat on the couch thinking of how to bring my past up. I was interrupted by his warm body collapsing into the spot next to me.

We was fiddling with something I looked down so see what had him so infatuated.

My mouth dropped open slightly as my eyes processed what they were seeing, Nash had a bong and a rather large bag of weed beside him. I mean I've seen him smoke before but this surprised me.

He glanced down at me, smiling slightly.

"You game?" He asked as he got everything set up.

I was about to pass when I realised that maybe this is exactly what I need. Maybe I just need to relax with Nash get our walls down.

"Sure" I grinned pressing into his side.

How was he always so warm?!

As soon as Nash blew his first puff out of his mouth the smell caused the haunting memories of my child hood to pound into my stomach leaving me short of breath.


"Daddy" I called, it was dark and I was scared.

I heard men yelling so I ran to where they were, it had to be daddy.

I walked in the room and was hit with the smell of the smoke that daddy always made from the glass bottle.

I coughed and several men turned around looking at me, they were covering something.

One man walked towards me slowly.

The gap he left let me see enough.

"Daddy!!" I screamed, I ran past the men to where he lay on the ground. He was still warm when I touched his arm.

There was white on his nose and white coming from his mouth.

One of the men dragged me away as I screamed begging for him to wake up.

I snapped out of my trance, I hadn't noticed the warm tears on my face. I grabbed the bong out of Nash's still hands taking a long pull.

I puffed out the smoke cringing slightly at the burning in my throat.

I passed it back to Nash but he sat it on the coffee table ignoring it.

"Faith..." He said holding my arms. I didn't respond, I hadn't cried about my father since he died but for some reason I felt the hoards of tears threatening to drown me.

As soon as I opened my mouth an ugly sob wracked my body. It honestly didn't even sound like crying, it sounded like some animal was living inside my throat trying to rip it's way out.

I could hardly breath the tears were coming hard and fast staining Nash's shirt.

I hadn't even noticed he pulled me into his arms. He rocked me back and forth slightly.

We stayed like this for a very long time, until I ran out of tears really.

When I had finally calmed down, Nash pulled back looking into my bloodshot eyes (a mixture from the weed and the crying) he looked so concerned. I could tell he wanted me to say something, I don't know why I said it but I did.

"I killed him" I say blankly


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