I'm Mercy

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That is Chanel's kitten, Mercy, and Chanel herself as a human.

Chanel's POV

I awaken by the rumbling of my owner's stomach. My owner is Alpha Jakob Ashcan of the Blood Moon Pack. I know. An alpha with a kitten. Well, here's the story. My story.

I'm a were-cat. I can shift into a cat whenever I please. Jakob found me on the streets in the human city, I was thrown out like a bag of trash one cold December morning. I was scavenging for food, hoping that there would be a scrap for me to eat.

You see, the Alpha is very protective of animals. He says that all animals are our friends. His friend was about to crush me, as I was scampering across the street to a safe place that I can rest for a while. His friend, whom I now know as Millan, was about to step on me, when Jakob noticed, stopped his friend just in time, and picked me up.

I was trembling in fear, but he just petted me lovingly. He then chose to call me Mercy, and decided to keep me as a pet.

I still don't know why he saved me. I was a scrawny little thing back then. I hadn't been in my human form cause I was stuck in it for some non apparent reason.

So, to the present.

I get up from my bed beside his bed. Climbing up to him, I climb onto his chest (hey! I'm a kitten! No hating!) and I pawed his face. After a minute or so, he got the message and woke up, sitting upright, thus making me fall onto my back in his lap.

He got up, after petting me, and went to the bathroom. He came out ten minutes later fully clothed and he grabbed his backpack. Going to the kitchen, he fixed himself some cereal and opened a can of tuna for me. He got up, after he ate, and went outside, getting into his car, speeding off. I ran to the guest bedroom. In there, I shifted into my human form. Eek! I quickly locked the door. I grabbed my backpack, and stuffed my things inside. Getting ready, I put on a loose off-the-shoulder sweater, and black bleached jeans, with my favourite brown leather combat boots. I used my magic (I'm part witch), and put on my disguise. I used my speed to run to school.

Everyone knows me as Chelsea Kerr, a human student.

"Hey Chelsea! Ready for the Science quiz?", my best friend Liv Dews said. "Oh shite! I totally forgot all about it!", is my short response.

On the way to science class, I spot Jakob looking at me. I wonder what he's thinking. I'm just a seemingly normal human girl that goes to this school.

Well, let's see what the day brings me.


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