Chapter 4

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A/N: Hi guys! This is chapter 4 (obviously, lol). I know that I have been uploading such short updates but I really am busy in school so yeah but since vacation is just around the corner, there's a chance that I will be uploading longer and more eventful chapters! :)

P.S. A photo of Sachi's car ^^

Sachi's POV:

I parked my car in front of the café. I can already see him seated near the window while sipping his coffee. I quickly made my way inside to finally greet him formally.

I stood beside him and said, "Annyeonghaseyo, Presidant Yang."

He looked up and smiled at me warmly. "Annyeonghaseyo. You must be Sabina?"

"Yes, sir."

"According to the email that you sent me, you want to have at least a few minutes of the concert for your special performance?"

"Yes, sir. I was thinking that maybe after Youngbae blew the candle, we can somehow sing a song for him."

Oh gosh please.. Fingers crossed.

"And what will I be getting from this?" he asked.

Oh darn. I don't have any idea.

"I will be working in the YG ENTERTAINMENT for a year, sir. Is it any enough to close the deal?"

He rubbed his chin as if he was in thought of what I've just proposed. Please say yes.

"Okay. Deal." He held out his hand.

Wtf? Really??

"Thank you so much, sir. Thank you!" I shook his hand.

Damn. This is gonna be awesome!!


I quickly went home to tell Amanda about how the meeting went. But to my surprise, there are two more cars parked outside my house aside from Amanda's.

I let butler park my car and went inside. And there I saw two girls having a nice chitchat with Amanda.

"Emma!! Rikki!!" I squealed.

They turned their heads to my direction and grinned widely.

"Sachi!!!" They beamed with excitement.

"When did you arrive? You didn't even bother telling me that you're already here."

Emma and Rikki are also in the girl group. Emma is the oldest. She's 21 and currently engaged to her boyfriend for 5 years, Jake. Then there's Rikki. She is 19.

"Earth to Sachi! Darn!!! It feels like I'm talking to a mannequin." I was pulled back to reality by Rikki.

"Huh? Sorry I zoned out. What were you saying?" I absent-mindedly asked.

"We arrived just a few minutes ago. And we want to know how the meeting with the CEO went." Emma said.

I told them about the meeting and the deal we had agreed on.

"So you're saying that you'll stay here for a year?? What the hell, Sachi?! You still have school waiting for you back in England!!" Amanda said.

Shit. I didn't think of that. Looks like I have to set a meeting with him again.

"Okay. I'll negotiate with him again. But for now, we have to get ready for our perfomance." I sighed. This is not as awesome as I thought.


A/N: Sorry if I was not able to stand my promise that I will be updating soon because hell week is taking over my life (it's the finals week) I'm really sorry. Tell me what you think about this chapter. And feel free to suggest what you want to happen next :)

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