Getting to know each other

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Well we figured out that we live in different areas,Katie lives in Western Australia and I live in USA...So we were talking about some stuff and I think when ever she gets back,I'm gonna ask her out lol even though she is 3 years older :) . I wonder if she will write me to!But after that,I was randomly playing coc and some guy told me about Katie.And so we were talking for like 1 hour.And he told me that Katie just's be nice for like a day,"cause she yelled at me" the guy said.And so,at first I didn't believe him but,some of his friends came to me and told me it was real??!?!?!?!And I knew there were trying to lie to me.I think I should talk about this with here.....*calls Katie * -Doesn't pick up- *tries one more time* -no answer- and at that point I thought something suspicious was happening...And so she called back 2 hours later when I was sleeping but,I woke up and pretend I wasn't there so I text her instead.

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