chapter 17

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It's been a couple days since Harry found out about his big fight he has to prepare for. Since him and I had our fight. Since him and I declared our love for each other. I have been getting with him in the early mornings and training with him and Liam. Wanting to show him that we are in this together. Today is going to be a busy day. Harry has an interview this afternoon confirming the fight. Liam and Niall are going to get the garage set up as a work out place since Harry cannot go to the gym anymore. Why is that?, you may ask. Well, seems like he has more fans and supporters than he thought and all of them are trying to get a glimpse or even a touch of him any chance they get. Was getting to where going to the gym was more of a struggle than anything. So, Liam came up with a brilliant plan to get all of his old equipment out that was in storage and make a private workout place for Harry. In their garage. Brilliant idea. So, while they do that this morning, I am going on our morning run with Harry.Which brings me to where we are now. Niall and I show up at their place before the crack ass of dawn. Niall goes to lay down with Liam, while I go and try to wake up Harry. As i walk into his bedroom, the sight before me nearly leaves me breathless. Harry laid out on his bed. The blanket falling loosely around his waist. Showing off his bare chest. One of his arms laying across his stomache just above the blanket. The other one laying under his head. His curls spread out across the pillow. A peaceful look on his face as small soft breaths leave his partly opened mouth. An angel for sure, if I have ever seen one, would be this boy in front of me. The moon light shining through his window. A beautiful sight for sure. I walk slowly towards his bed, not wanting to make any sudden moves and chance waking him up just yet. Want to soak in this sight before me before it has to be ruined by waking up to go run. I gently climb on to his bed and slowly put one of my legs over his waist to where I am straddling him. I set here and just breath him in for a bit. I then proceed to lean forward to place soft kisses on his neck. He lets out a soft moan. I whisper a soft "good morning" in his ear, causing him to squirm a bit beneath me. His hand that lay across his tummy has now mindlessly found its way to my hip, his thumb rubbing small circles on my hip. I place more soft kisses along his neck up to his jawline. His other hand slowly makes its way to my waist as he holds me closer to him.

"Good morning, baby", He softly groans out. His morning voice deep and raspy. Gets me every time I hear it.

"Good morning, love", I say back as I place more kisses on his cheek and his lips. Feeling his hips roll up against mine. okay, maybe our run may be put off for a few more minutes.

"What time is it,babycakes?", Harry asks trying to control himself

"5:00 a.m.", I say as I groan and roll my hips back down on his. "We are suppose to be getting up and getting ready for a run", I tell him softly

"Well, I know a way you could get me 'pumped up' for that", He says cheekily.

" that right?", I say as I set up an bit and look into his beautiful green eyes. "And how do you think I should do that?", I ask him playfully as I roll my hips on him again.

"You could turn your ass around and set on my face so that we can blow each other into Bolivian." He said as he grabs my hips to turn me around. Who am I to argue with that.


"C'Mon Harry catch up!", I hollar out as we are running along the track in the middle of the park. It's now 7a.m. A little later than we had planned to originally start. But, well, you know, other things occurred so it put us a little behind.

"I'm fine back here, baby!", he hollars out. "Looking at your fine arse is keeping me motivated to run..or chase you", Harry breathed out heavily. We were running at a pretty good pace. we continued on our run for about an hour longer before both of us are ready to run back to their place. As we run up the drive way, we hear commotion in the garage. We go in and see the funniest sight ever. Niall is laying on the floor of the garage right at the edge of the treadmill that Liam had apparently brought in. Liam hunched over laughing as Niall is laying there groaning.

"What happened here?", Harry said trying to hold in his laughter at the two boys.

"This ass decided it would be funny to turn up the speed on this damn thing!", Niall said as he pointed at Liam, at the same time trying to get up off the floor. "and, well, I couldn't keep up and the result of it is what you see now". I couldn't hold in my laughter as I joined Liam in a fit of laughter. Harry goes over and helps Niall up, at the same time laughing and trying to get out an "are you okay?" in the midst of his laughter. After everything is settled down, I look around to see what Liam has brought in. There is a punching bag set up in one part. A punching ball in another area. And of course the treadmill. And a weight bench waiting to be set up. He has Harry set up with some good equipment to work with. after a bit of bantering and talking, harry and I decide to go in and finish up his work out. Sit ups and push ups. These can get fun and a bit interesting. As we leave the garage we hear Niall tell Liam that he will be kissing his ass later. Too much information Nialler, I thought as we kept walking into the house.

"Down on the floor, hazza", I tell Harry meaning for him to get in the pull up position but of course he wants to take it a whole other direction

"Okay Lou, if you say so. I may be able to get enough energy to go another round.", He says as he gets down on the floor.

"You perv, no, we are doing some pull ups right now", I say as i push his legs up and go to set on his feet.

"Still feels a bit intimate right now", He says while laughing.

"C'Mon you goof. Each time you do one, you get a kiss as you get close to my face.", I tell him encouraging him to begin.

"I could do these all day long", He says as he starts. After a bit of those, him earning a few soft kisses..and some passionate ones were slipped in there a bit as well, we change to the push up position. Again each time he goes down towards the floor, he earns a kiss. He is close to my face when Niall and Liam decide it's time to come in.

"Alright, lads, I thought you were suppose to be working out?", Liam said as he walked into the living room and seen us in a very questionable position.

"Yeah, harry, you have a room, use it!", Niall says, throwing our words from a couple days ago back at us. But I guess I can see why they thought that in the position we are in. I am laying on the floor on my back, my arms folded under my head. My legs stretched out in front of me one draped over the other. Harry is hovering over me in a push up position. His legs on either side of mine..his arms on either side of my head..toes pointed to the ground

"I can really see why you guys would think that, but honestly, this is all innocent", I say trying to convince them. Neither of us leaving the position we are in.

"Well, when you guys get done doing your business..which stays innocent while down here..get showered and ready for your interview in a few hours", Liam says as he pulls Niall up the stairs behind them. Niall still rubbing his bum and whining about how much of an ass Liam is. Liam just giggles as they go into his room. Harry and I continue on what we're doing. Push ups and kisses until Harry is completely drained and sprawled on top of me.

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