I really wanna come see you...
-Aaliyah × Come Over

Present day 2015 Summer of Senior Year

Present day 2015 Summer of Senior Year

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-wyd phat-My World🌍❤️3:15p.m

Noodle head put yah bird chest away ion wanna see that -3:16p.m

The proper thing is ta send 1 back nigga, wit yah bowlin ball head ass -My World🌍❤️3:16p.m

Idk what you thought it was but it ain't that. Go tell yah lil gf Vicki send u some pics & my head not that big watermelon head ass nigga -3:17p.m

See there u go with da weak shit ain't nobody want dat girl she got more niggas runnin' through her den a marathon -My World🌍❤3:18p.m

😂😂💀💀shut up -3:18p.m

Fr man, come over a nigga bored & lowkey scared bruh shhhh😶don't tell nobody -My World🌍❤3:19p.m

Gtf on I be there in a 10 -3:19p.m

Ight -My World🌍❤3:20p.m


Pulling up to Cameron's house, I texted him

Open the door -3:43p.m

Ight here I come -My World🌍❤3:44p.m

Walking onto the porch he open the door, and gave me a hug. Out of habit I sniffed him, like always he smelled good as fuck.

"You always sniffin' a nigga like he gon stank or some shit; weird ass." I giggled walk in going to his room.

"So you smell good." I shrugged, taking my nike slides off getting in the bed.

A few seconds later Cameron laid beside me, put my leg and arm around him, my head rested on his chest. He put his arm on my lower back getting comfortable.

"What we watchin' and better not be no damn ESPN." Cam smacked his teeth.

"Why yah buggin' fo? Y'know I don't watch dat when you hea'."

"You did last time, I had to beg you to turn it or I was gonna leave."

"Dat was cause dey had some bout Kobe. You selfish. Dat what's wrong with yah ass now I beybeh yah to damn much. With yah dramatic ass." I smiled looking up at him.

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