Chapter 16

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Morning of the next day....

Five awkward 16-year-olds sat at the Gryffindor table. The tension was almost too much to bear.

Lily ate with her head down, taking small bites out of her French toast. James looked like he was about to either cry or smash someone's head into the table. Sirius sat like an immature child with his arms crossed across his chest, pouting at his food. Remus was picking at his omelet with his fork, and Peter looked around at the mess in front of him.

Finally, Peter cleared his throat and said, "Come on guys. Get over it. Everyone messed up, none of you are perfect, no matter how many times you say you are." He directed the last part to Sirius with a stern expression. "We're all supposed to be friends, not people who just mildly tolerate each other. Lily, Sirius is sorry he made fun of you. James, Lily is sorry she blew you off. Sirius, Remus is sorry for making you feel underrated. And Remus, Sirius is sorry he mocked your intelligence. Now all of you, kiss and make up so we can go back to normal."

No one said anything. For one thing, it was completely unexpected for Peter to burst out into a speech like that, but the four realized that what he said was true. They couldn't keep moping around about something they all screwed up on.

Lily was the first to speak. She looked directly at James and said, "Potter, come with me." The two stood up and left the Great Hall.

Peter looked hopefully at Remus and Sirius. Finally, Remus couldn't handle his stare any longer and exhaled loudly. "Fine fine. Sirius, I'm sorry but don't let that stupid comment justify anything."

Sirius refused to look at his friend. It was more than just a stupid comment. "Look at it this way Moony," he finally answered. "You're the favorite and the smartest, and what am I? A blood traitor? A disgrace to my family name? I'm a nobody, Remus, that's what got to me. That I'm actually so much thicker than you, and can't do anything about it."

Remus seemed shocked. This is what Sirius was worried about? Not being smart enough for him?

"Sirius, you're spontaneous and loyal, and you prove that a person isn't what their parents believe. And that's much more worthwhile than just memorizing some information from a book," Remus assured. Sirius smiled.

The two hugged while Peter was about to explode from how much he was smiling. What was that thing Sirius said? OPT? Yes, Sirius and Remus were definitely Peter's OPT.

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