First Day Of Hell

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Alissa's P.O.V


"Wake up loser!" I hear my older sister yell at me as she bangs at my door. "I am..I am" I groan. Im not a morning person AT ALL. I lean over and I grab my laptop pulling it onto my lap. As I open it, it says someone has messaged me.

Facebook messanger:

lindsey: Hey!!! Are you excited for the first day of school? I Am!!!! Omg lets meet at the flag near the trash cans so we can walk in and slay everyone!!

Alissa: okay! Okay! Calm down.. we will meet there.

Lindsey: YAY I will see you in 20 minuets.

Wait.. 20 minuets? I turn over and look at the alarm clock.

7:00 AM

Ugh I have to get up...

I finnaly motivate myself to get up and I limp over to my closet and grabbed some black jeans, black converse, and since its the first day of school I decided to wear a baby blue shirt saying "mermaids dont do homework" on it. I walked to the bathroom and i put my contacts in and took a quick shower. After my shower I started getting dressed. After I slipped on my converse I finally got to walk downstairs and get my bag packed. I usually skip breakfast because im on a diet. Im not saying im fat. Im pretty skinny but I dont eat healthy and I want to restrict that.
I jump in my car and since I am in 11th grade, we can drive to school. So I drove in my Porche. It was a gift from my grandma before she passed away. I walked fastly over to the flag pole by the trash cans. Right where Lindsey told me.

"OMG there you are!!" She screamed.
"Calm down and hi" I said.
"OMG you look great you even did youre eyeliner! Looks perf!" She told me. I forgot I did my makeup.

We walked side by side into the school. We found our lockers. Her's was 4 away from mine. Perfect. We had our first 2 classes together. Even better. The 3rd class was math. The new kid Harry sits next to me. The first five minuetes were fine. Untill I accidently knocked over my math textbook right on his foot.

"WHAT THE FXCK ALISSA!?!?" He screamed.

"I am so sorry!!" I said and quickly picked up my book.

"Ugh you fxcking lazy axs bxtch go rot and die in hell. You cant even hold a stupid book." Harry said.

I couldnt help it. I had to cry. I embarresed myself. Its been 2 hours and I thought it was gonna be a good year. I thought wrong. I started packing up. I felt my mascara running. I started running to find a bathroom. I almost got to the bathroom but Cathy AKA Queen Slut, just so happened to be skipping class. She was walking down the 3rd wing hallway that I was running down. She saw her moment. She "accidently" stuck her foot out and tripped me. I went face planting down to the floor. The last thing I remember was Cathy laughing at me. Then everything went black.


I started opening my eyes.

"OMG!" I assumed was Lindsey.

"Shes awake!!!!" She screached again.

Basiclly the nurse said I fainted when I hit the ground. So when I came consious that I could eat something and then go back to class. Which seemed fine besides the whole going back to class thing. After I ate some food, Me and Lindsey walked back to class. This time I put my textbook away and just layed down.
Suddenly, I felt pokes on my shoulder.

"Umm.. Alissa.. A-are you okay? I-im really sorry for what I did." Harry said.

"Oh.. Ya I am fine. It was just I fainted. But Im cool.. Im sorry I dropped my book." I answered.

"Oh Its fine. My toe is okay now." He said.

"Oh okay" I said. Then the bell rang signaling us to go to our next class. I walked to my next class which was begining Calc.


Finally I got to drive home. When I got home, I did my homework quickly. Then I went on facebook.

Facebook messanger:

Harry: Alissa? Its Harry. I was just checking on you.

Alissa: oh Hi! Im fine still. I was just about to take a nap. Maybe my headache will go away.

Harry: Oh cool. I might to. Well.. have a good rest. Maybe you will message me when you wake up.

Alissa: Okay I will Thanks and cya

I closed my laptop, plugged it in and flopped over and kept replaying the face plant over and over again.
Then I fell asleep. A nice, well needed sleep.

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