The awaking

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"Dipper the bus is here!" Mable shouted. It was there first day of senior year. Dipper dressed in jeans, red hoodie and his pine tree hat. Mable wore a white t-shirt and a mini skirt. When they got on the bus Dipper sat in the back and Mable with her old friend Candy trying to catch up with her. "Hey Dipper" a familiar voice said. Dipper turned to see Pacifica Northwest. She was wearing skinny jeans and a tank top. "She looks hot." " Wait did I just think that about Pacifica Northwest, I shouldn't have feelings for her!" Dipper thought to himself. "Hey Pacifica, how have you been I haven't seen you since we left Gravity Falls?" Dipper said awkwardly. "I've been good, how about you?" Pacifica said. "Same." Dipper said. They sat in silence for the rest of the ride.
When they got to school Dipper and Pacifica walk to the door. "I'll see you later Dipper" Pacifica said as she walk away. "He is a lot more cute than I remember, wait I can't think that way about him or I will get in huge trouble." She thought to herself. For the rest of the school day Dipper and Pacifica can't stop thinking about each other and what they could be.

(A/N Hey sorry for the short chapter, the next one will be longer. Thanks for reading!
The Author- The-Unlucky-Rabbit

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