Chapter 2

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Hey, my names Cecilia! I'm 16 years old and I'm diagnosed with cancer when I was 4. Because of the way I look, I'm bullied a lot. I used to tell myself to ignore them but then my boyfriend called me a slut and it hurt. We had been together for 8 years, along time. And he just called me that out of nowhere. Any who, this is my bully story.

"Hey c.c how's Derek? Oh wait I forgot, he broke up with you!" Running away laughing Jade and Sedana high five about 20 kids. I just stood there. They do that all of the time so it didn't matter. What I wasn't ready for was what was coming next. "Hey C. How are you?" I turned to fund Derek, my ex standing there next to my locker. I was about to cry. 8 years down the drain and he asks how I am? "Oh I'm fine, other than the fact that my jackass boyfriend broke my heart after 8 years." I slammed my locker and ran outside crying. Everyone laughing. "Oh no! Why is C.C crying?oh wait, I forgot, she is a diagnosed little whore, everyone stand back, it may not be cancer, maybe she has STDs!" Everyone laughed and jumped back. Leaving me alone and crying. Alone.....

Thanks for reading. I don't want to give out anymore info.

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