Chapter:4 he tells you his feelings

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Yay night 4 NEALY DONE FOR GOOD! You shout leaving an echo Bonnies moved ....
Time pass

H....hi says Bonnie  uhmm hi??? You say umm y

I'm I hit you o...n night...1 he says I..ts o..k????? You said wondering why he even opolagized w...will he stutters embarrassed you looked at him in shock like you were gonna pass out but what could you do just some creepy things asks you to be his girlfriend you get out of your chair and blush as you walk up to him you look away and accept his request he smiles and scratches the back of his head You guys stand there for a little you face him and as soon as you do you kiss him gently

HEY FAB PPLZ I'm so sorry this chapter was so short I'm really busy but I will publish each s
Day! Bye💙💜💚❤️

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