New Beginnings

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I woke up to tight arms around me and tried to get out of them. That didn't work 😔

"Noah can you let me"go I said trying to get out of his grip.

"Where you going" he said in graspy voice

"Bathroom" I said giving up

He let go and I started brushed my teeth and hopped in the shower after. While I was in the shower I was humming and Noah comes in and started to brush his teeth.

"Can you pass me my towel" I said putting my hair back.

"Come out and get it"

"Noah come on" I whined

"If you love me you would come and get your towel" he whined


I came out and all he did was stare. I put the towel on and then.

"You got nice body" he said

"Thank you" I winked at him

Skips to afternoon



"What you think about moving in together" he coming closer to me

"I like that idea" I said smirking

"What you wanna eat" he asked

"PIZZA 😁" I yelled

"I knew you was gunna say that" he said calling the pizza place

I told Jordan to come to the hospital but that was a day ago she not answering my text or calls I think something going on.

Aaliyah hasn't woken up still I keep praying for her she was put on life support and she only has 3 days because of the money we have.

I know I'm in a gang and I should have a lot of money but life support is a lot of money and don't forget I'm pregnant too. Speaking of my baby I'm 2 weeks till I'm due and this baby don't wanna wait 2 weeks and the stress kill me I feel like Aaliyah is my responsibility like she's my own child.

I stood up to stroke her beautiful soft hair and then that's when it happened it broke...

" You little snitch ever since I meet you I knew .." He said as he slaps me again

"I don't even know who you are" I said as I cried

~Flashback ~
I was texting Yari that I'm at the hospital but before I could send it somebody took a black bag and put it over my head grabbed me by the waist and put me in a vehicle. That's all I remember.
~Flashback done ~

The man takes the black bag of off of my face and its Jaden .

"I should kill but your to pretty to be killed it " he said as he touched my neck

"So pick you could either be my sex slave or just get killed ?" he asked

"Fuck you" I whispered

"What was that" he came closer

"Fuck you"
"Ahhh I'm ahh going ahh into ahh labor ahh." Yari screamed
"I'm coming" I said

"Noah Yarinelly is in labor drive me to the hospital plz." I dragged him out the couch.

"Okay baby"

I like it when he calls me baby 😇

So I decided that I'm going to update every month and it has to be more than 5 pages long. Do be happy at least I'm updating 😁

Bye chicas 😘💕

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