Chapter 1: Purple Bioshock

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As usual, that morning I woke up with my eyes puffy and barely could walk without hitting myself with everything. Or tripping over my clothes. What a mess... But I didn't even had the energy to get it clean. I walked inside the bath room and noticed my black and green hair sticking up everywhere, my green eyes were a bit more noticeable now, and my skin was more paler than usual (which was extremely difficult) I sighed and just showered, after getting a cup of coffee, I was ready for work. I didn't have to wear an uniform, so I just put on some slightly skinny black jeans, a Misfits hoodie and some green converse to match the hoodie (we guys do have at least a bit of fashion sense, dude). I plugged my headphones and played some Fall Out Boy whilst I put my helmet on, I turned on my bike and drove to where I worked, it was like 10 minutes away from home. The lights that wrote "Gaming Heaven" were off but perfectly readable at the top of the shop, I got off the bike and parked it behind the shop, where the personal parking lot was, walked inside the shop and walked to my place. Some of my coworkers said hello to me, but I didn't actually answer, I just nodded or smiled slightly at them, I don't actually like people... It wasn't until 11 am that customers started to enter and buy, not that many but still some people.
After lunch (I didn't eat anything, just a green tea), Annissa, another girl that worked there, walked up to me while I was organizing some kid games.
"Hey, Dan, did you see that guy that just walked in? He's so cute!" I didn't even turn to her.
"Nope, haven't seen him... Why do you even come to me to tell me that?" I asked harshly at her, I think she's annoying as fuck.
"Well, since you're gay, I thought you cou-"
"WHAT?!" I whisper screamed, she looked at me with those big brown eyes of her. "I-I-I'm not gay!" I kind of squealed at her, so no one noticed.
"Whaaat? But...!" I didn't even let her finish, and groaned.
"Forget it, it's okay, just- just don't talk to me." I walked towards the cashier and sat there, waiting for any customer.
I played with my hair, since it was almost by my shoulders, I had a pretty awesome fringe too. I think I need a haircut... I checked my phone for the hour, it was already 5:46 pm, my shift ended in fifteen minutes, so I just put one of the earbuds on and listened to some Sex Pistols. When the third song was ending, someone walked to me and lended me a game, Bioshock Infinite, I checked it and slid it inside a plastic bag.
"24 dollars with 49 cents..." I sighed, I didn't look up at the customer, I was too awkward. The person lended me the cash, then I noticed it was a guy from his hands, I put it inside the cashier and lended him the bag. "Have a good day..." I said, looking up out of reflex, and I kind of regretted it.
The person in front of me was insanely attractive, his short hair was purple, his eyes a heavenly green, his lips looked like strawberries, he wore a Nirvana tee, and the smile he gave me was enough to make my legs feel weak and my head hurt. Good luck I was sitting.
"Thank you! Have a great day too!" He said with the most adorable voice I have ever heard in my entire life. And, out of the sudden, my thoughts kind of floated out and, before I knew it, I said
"Holy shit, you're hot..." I breathed out, he was still looking at me with a smile, but it grew bigger when I said that, until I noticed and my eyes got like plates. "I-I'm so sorry! That was totally unappropriate, I just-" I was cut off by his dreamy laugh, it was so... Full, and kind of ran trough all his body. It was the most beautiful sound ever, I wanted to hear it everyday. It wasn't the most cute laugh, actually far from it, but it felt so... Real, it felt like he enjoyed laughing.
"You're cute!" He giggled and turned away, walking towards the door, and, Jesus fucking Christ, he had the booty... What the actual fuck am I thinking about?! I can't even.
The guy left and, for almost 5 minutes straight I sat there looking at the door like an idiot. When I saw the hour on the computer, it was already little past 6, so I got up, took my things and left without saying a word, I got home and took a cold shower, I kinda needed it, and lied down in bed. I tried to sleep but that goddamn guy with purple hair was stuck in my head.

The next morning I woke up at the tune of Miss Jackson, by Panic! At The Disco, but I lacked the usual feeling of my eyes being puffy, and I remembered that, for the first time in a very, very long time, I didn't cry myself to sleep, I kind of didn't even have space in my head to remember my problems, so I simply got up and got ready. If you're wondering, yes, the guy was still in my mind. I put on an Iron Maiden tshirt, a leather jacket, some regular jeans and black vans, I didn't know what to do with my hair, so I just waved my head and got the fringe outta my face. I got in my motorbike and drove off to work, jamming to some Green Day, I was the first one to get there on Wednesdays, so I opened the shop, set up some things and waited for my coworkers and customers to come.
The day went by actually boringly, but I caught myself thinking about the guy from yesterday. I tried to remember details about him, like the necklace he wore or the color of his jeans when he walked out, maybe what kind of shoes he wore. I wondered if he played the game that night, or even if he got so excited about it that he played it straight until next day, like I did. I wondered if he wore that shirt because he actually liked Nirvana, which he probably did but some people use band merch without even knowing the band, but he didn't look like the kind of people that pretends liking things but I don't even know him, so why am I-
Oh, fuck, that voice.
"You're cute!"
It was him.
I kind of turned and saw him. Today he was wearing a Sex Pistols shirt, a black hoodie and the same necklace with a military style tag (I knew it was that!), his purple hair was sticking up to random places like yesterday and pretty much the same. He was lending me a game, I took it, looking at the case - totally not to avoid making eye contact, pfft, who does that? -, it was The Last Of Us, perhaps one of my personal favorites, I checked it and put it inside a bag.
"19 dollars and 50 cents..." I muttered, from the corner of my eye I could see him taking out his wallet and lending me a card. I slid it and stuff, didn't pay really attention. I lend him the card back and also the bag.
"Thanks! Have a good day!" He chirped and took his things.
"H-Have a ni-nice day..." I mumbled, he chuckled and walked out.
I was left like the day before: confused, overexcited and with a raw feeling in my tummy.
The next day he came too. He bought Gears Of War: Judgement. He wore a cat hoodie and ripped jeans.
Then the next day he bought Final Fantasy XIV. He looked like he cape from gym or something, because he was wearing a navy blue sweatshirt (like 2 sizes too big for him) and black sweatpants.
When he came again the day after that, he bought Batman: Arkham Origins. He wore a Green Day shirt with no sleeves.

For 5 days straight, I was thinking about him. But, I didn't even know his name! AND I'M NOT GAY!
Hi, guys! So, this is a new story I began to think about some time ago, because, yeah, I'm a guy, and most Michael fics (Muke doesn't count) are for girls. Like, the reader inserts are fem! Reader, the original characters are girls, and I have yet to find a male!reader or a original male character fic x Michael, so I am. I wrote it for any guy in the 5SOS fam and really anyone who wants to read it. I hope this is long, since I have written a couple chapters and I really have got to love Dan as a character. I apologize if Mike seems too OOC, but this is the first time I write a story about 5SOS, so I hope I get the hang of it as the chapters go by. I would reeeeeally appreciate if you leave a comment or if you know any betas, because I really need one, as you can see... Anyways, hope you have a great day/night!

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