•Chapter Two•

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Chapter Two
"I'm sorry"
Here Lays Beauty.

"Please, STOP." She whimpers. "That's what you get!" Her mother continued hitting her. "I'm sorry." She cries. Her mum walked away and she crawled back to her room.

She crawled to a corner and curls herself into a ball. Her bones were visible. She then got a text.


She picks her phone and reads the messages.

You're a fake

❝ You little slut ❞

Go die ❞

She throws her phone and cries. "I can't take it anymore." She grabs her razor and starts to make scars all over her hips and legs.

She cries. She laughs at the pain. But then cries again. She turns rocking. Her breathing hitches. Tears starts falling. Stars don't shine. She won't stop crying. She won't stop living.

She walks to the bathroom and looks at herself in the mirror. And screams out: ugly; fat; emo; suicidal. Why? She wonders. Just why...

"Am I beautiful?" She whispers. "Am I fat?" She asks herself. "Am I good enough for you?"

A/N: (Chapter 2 updated)

Many girls has been insecure. Because models, girls in their schools. Because we can't be like them, we decide to hurt ourselves.

"We cut and kill flowers because we think they are beautiful, but we cut and kill ourselves because we think we are not"

"If perfect what's your looking for then just stay the same"

~ Just The Way You Are,
Bruno Mars

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