The Unexpected Ally

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"Well, what do we do now?", Star asked Scarlet as she pointed to places on a large map to send guards to.

"Well, you're probably gonna find my sisters and walk about the castle grounds for me", Scarlet gave Star a smile then turned back to her head guard to discuss strategy.

"How did she know what i was gonna do?", Star mumbled to herself. Star turned and walked around searching the castle grounds first. She made her way behind the castle and saw stacks of boxes all labeled from different places, then at the corner of her eye she saw a shadow shoot by as she started to walk back to where she had come from.

"Um, is there anyone there?", Star asked towards the crates and stacks of boxes.

"What if there is?", Sarah grabbed at Stars shoulders real fast as she flinched and took a sigh of relief that it wasn't a random person.

"Why did you sneak up on me? And... how did you know i was back here?"

"Scarlet", Sarah smiled lightly at Star, "Alrighty, what did you see?"

"I saw something, i don't know what it is but it was behind these boxes."

"Interesting seeing as how you didn't see this", Sarah walked over to one of the crates and reached behind it grabbing a small kid by the hood wearing one of the same outfits the mysterious people at the mountains and in the alley did.

"Let, me.....go!", the kid struggled and tried to break free from Sarah's grasp.

"Hmmmm, nah, you're gonna meet someone i know. You better behave when you meet her", Sarah walked off as Star followed her.

"Who's that?", Emily asked as Sarah and Star emerged from behind the castle.

"A hunter, a little one, possibly in training", Sarah walked over to Scarlet and poked her shoulder with the free hand she had while still gripping tightly to the kids hood in the other.

"What is it no-", Scarlet's eyes grew wide at Sarah whom was holding the small kid's hood in her hand,"Who is that?"

"I think you know who this is", Sarah let go of the kid's hood and kept a sharp eye on the little one.

Scarlet gave Sarah a weird look,"I was talking to him...not you"

Sarah looked towards the ground and backed up slowly until she ended up next to Emily.

"Uh, my name is Cody, but my partners and leader call me Little Claw", The kid took off his hood and his hair frizzed up a little then he patted down his hair to make it back to normal. The kid had a dusty orange and silver mixed eye color with a shine that made his hair look dull. His hair was a reddish orange and had little leaves in it.

Alexandra walked out of the castle doors and spotted Scarlet, Sarah and the young kid and she redirected her focus towards them,"Who's that?"

Scarlet turned her head and answered Alexandra, "Well, this is Cody...a person of the same group that's hunting us."

"Well, is he gonna be our prisoner or something....or?"

"For now i guess", Scarlet looked at Cody and then ordered her guards to bring her a small book to which she opened and flipped through for a moment to find the page she was looking for. Scarlet stopped flipping through the pages as she used her finger to bookmark the page to keep it open and stared at the writing for a moment, "Hmm, perfect", she lifted her open hand and waved it towards Cody as a shadow covered where he stood and a purple ring formed around his feet, Scarlet then turned over her hand and flicked the tips of her fingers upward and the ring lifted from the ground to form a purple bubble around the kid.

"You guys are magicians?", Star stared at the bubble with shock and poked at it to see if it was real.

"Not magicians, that's fake magic", Sarah spoke up, "We are just...talented", Sarah leaned on a stone pillar and conjured a small flame in the palm of her hand.

"What can't you guys do here?"

"We can't blow up the entire planet, well, maybe Scarlet could, i can't though. But, i thought you would have just expected anything out of this world after... I don't know: coming here from a dream, seeing a dragon and knowing that we are queens."

"Eh, true, I'll try to control my doubts then", Star turned from Sarah to Scarlet as she was flipping through her book again, "Scarlet?"

"Hmm?", Scarlet paid half attention to Star and kept skimming through her book.

"What will happen to Cody?"

Scarlet bookmarked a page in her book and closed it gently then handing it to a guard and turning to Star, "Well, we will have to question him first, but surely not out here. Even if we have the gates closed who knows who could hear us", Scarlet pushed the bubble inside as it floated gently in front of her, but failed to make a couple corners and strayed off hitting the walls a few times.

"That bubble is durable", Star poked at it again.

"Would you like to be in one?", Scarlet swirled purple magic in one of her hands and looked at Star.

"Heh heh, No thanks", Star pulled her arms back to her sides and walked a little slower to be far enough from the bubble but still at Scarlet's side.

Star, Scarlet, Sarah, Alex and Emily made their way to an enclosed room while pushing the bubble in front of themselves. Sarah and Emily walked ahead into the room and got ready to catch the bubble, while Scarlet, Emily and Star pushed the bubble inside which molded to fit the doorway as they pushed it through. The bubble quickly shot from the doorway and into the room as it became its normal shape again; Sarah grabbed the bubble from the air and started drifting with it as Emily caught Sarah's feet which stopped them both from drifting off.

"Ok", Scarlet made sure everyone was inside the room and then sealed the door with a titanium lock. She then walked over and took the bubble from Emily and Sarah; bringing it to a chair with shackles.

"Was this some kind of torture room or something?", Star spoke as Scarlet fiddled and yanked at the shackle chains to make sure they were sturdy.

"Maybe....maybe not, who knows?", Scarlet popped the bubble and grabbed Cody's arm before he could run far from the chains.

"Are you guys evil or good?", Cody asked while being lead by Scarlet to the wall where he was strapped to a seat and placed in shackles.

"Well, that depends...are YOU good or evil?", Scarlet asked while standing on the other side of the table from where Cody yanked at the shackles chains himself.

"I....don't exactly know if I'm good or evil...."

"Then we'll give you a choice of it, do you desire to be good or evil?"

"I've always wanted to give both sides a try, but only when the time came for both of them. But, I'll give good a try, maybe i wont even need evil", Cody smiled.

Scarlet stared at Cody for a moment then responded, "Alright then, we'll teach you how to be good."

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