[Halloween Special] Flashing Lights: Chapter 53

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"It is time for the 13th annual Halloween parade!" Master Makarov announced, getting cheers from all of the members.

Fairy Tail's theme for the parade was Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites.

All the boys of Fairy Tail were Scary Monsters while the girls were Nice Sprites.

"HAHAHAHA! Fear me!" Natsu yelled. "For I am the great demon lord Dragneel!!" Natsu laughed as he blew fire to the crowd who were cheering.

"Demon lord, huh?" The dark Mage said, looking at his brother at the alley way.

"Meow~" Both Lucy and Erza crawled, making boys and men a lot of nose bleeds. (Ichiya: MEN!~)

"I will chop you into pieces!" Gajeel growled, his hand turning into a shard.

"Die!" Both (Y/N) and Kiriko were fairy S and were hitting Gajeel and Natsu with fake wands.

"You and your reaching clothes (Y/N)" The dark Mage face palmed. Then the dark Mage was going to activate the plan.

"Let's trick or treat shall we?" The disappeared into the darkness.


"Hmm.... This note says that everyone is in this alley, but it's really dark where is everyone?" Natsu asked (Y/N) who was next to him.

Then fire was coming out of (Y/N)'s hand. "That's why you use fire, idiot"

"Oh. Yeah"

As they went closer, it looked like there was more to go, but it lead to a dead end.

"What the hell?, is this some sort of prank or something?! Why wasn't I part of this?! I want to prank people and-!!!" Natsu's yelling was stopped my (Y/N)'s hand slamming into his head.

"Be quiet, Natsu! I bet people are trying to get some sleep!" (Y/N) said. "Psh. It's Halloween why would people be asleep" Natsu said.

(Y/N) signed. "Anyways, let's get out of here" (Y/N) said.


As they went back to the Fairy Tail guild, they noticed everything was strange. On this day of Halloween, All lights were turned off and there was no one to be seen.

When they entered the guild, everything was dark, and it seemed that no one was there.

"Wha- Where the hell is everyone?!" Natsu said, lighting up the flames that were coming from his hands. Suddenly, they heard foot steps behind the, and they quickly turned around.

"Oi!" Natsu said. When he pointed his fire to that person. The person smiled.

"How are you enjoying this fine evening?" The person asked.

Natsu suddenly grabbed (Y/N) and ran out of the guild. "What the hell?!"

"You scented it too?!" Natsu asked. "Yeah! What the hell is he doing here!"

A loud scream was heard from the guild.

"H e l p M e!!!!" Natsu stopped in his tracks. "Lucy!"

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