Chapter 11 u ain't a wizard trump

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There was a knock on their door. Donald was in the middle of feeding Bob grapes while giving him a foot massage.

"UGH WHO INTERRUPTS OUR BONDING?!" Donald rages as he flies over to the door in annoyance.

When he opened the door he choked in disgust. Namjoon was in front of him in all his glory with yee dino beside him.

"Why tf is you here?" Donald hissed like a cat about to die.

"Well I have to leave and go on world tour with my band, Big Titty Squad, and yee dino needs somewhere to stay." Namjoon said, petting the lonely looking dino.

"What if I don't want to take care of it?" Donald asked.

"And when did you have a choice? Take good care of him I'll be back in like 10 months lmao bye." With that Namjoon left.

"Yee." The dinosaur said, already taking a disliking to Donald and his crusty self.

"Ew Bob it's looking at me," Donald whined like a pissbaby. "Bob?"

Bob was already gushing over Yee Dino.

"My dinosaur child is so adorable!" He squealed, clasping his greasy hands together. Donald looked disgusted.

"Ew why would we keep that thing?" Donald said, still unenthusiastic about the new family member.

"BECAUSE IT'S CUTE AND I SAY SO!! You wouldn't want to make me cry, would you??" Bob said, his bottom lip quivering.

"No no no nononono it's okay Bob we can keep the ugl- I mean the dinosaur." Donald said in a panic.

Yee Dino stared out the window, a real legit dinosaur tear gracing his puke green and brown turd color mixture scales with shine as he watched Namjoon leave. He turned away from the window, feeling emo. He went up the stairs and into a random room. He pissed on the wall, claiming it as his territory. He then put on depressing music, like I Need U by Big Titty Squad.

"Yee." He said.

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