32. The Gates Of Elysium

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The last few centuries of Thalia Grace's life were lonely, so she threw herself into battle--she gave her life protecting a fellow hunter against an angry cyclops. She began seeing familiar faces as soon as she entered the Underworld--Nico, Hazel, and Bianca, the most honored children of the Underworld, were waiting for her judgement. Jason, Piper, Percy, and Annabeth were waiting at the gates of Elysium. And once Thalia was finally settled into this new afterlife, she came in contact with the most welcomed face of all--Luke.


Here's your necessary does of Thaluke for tonight :)

Is anyone else really excited for ToA? Oh my gosh I remember when the Demigod Files I came out and I was there on the day it came out and I had bought the very first copy at my B&N which was amazing.

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I'm going to California on the 16th so there will either be a lot of updates or no updates there's no way to tell.

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