Chapter 2: Stranger Danger

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This is what Hoodie would look like on top! Cute isn't he? >///< Without further ado, stay Killicious~

- - - - -

I drove into the long narrow path down 12 Abbott Street and went into a junction. There were several lanes, but the shortest way was to enter through the woods.

It couldn't hurt taking the short cut, I mean, what could happen?

Figuring there wouldn't be anything wrong, I veered the car to the right. Driving into the woods, it seems as though the place had actually darkened. The place seemed so sinister all of a sudden as branches twisted and it seems like it's out to get me.

It should be mid-afternoon but it seems like late evening. My eyes darted across the single lane path, the many trees passing by. I tapped the empty seat beside me, a nervous look spreading across my face.

Why do I get the strange feeling that I shouldn't be here...?

As if an answer to my self-question, a blinding light blinded my vision and I veered Betty to the side, slamming into the tree. The front of the beautiful, white Lamborghini crushed under the impact, and I squealed for both Betty and I.

The glass of the front window cracked as pieces of glass were darted my way. My arms instinctively came up to shield my face, my eyes widened in shock and fear. Smoke came out from the boot of the car, and I took a moment to breathe as I shakily came out of the wrecked vehicle.

I thought I'd be fine walking. Wrong. My legs were shaking like a newborn calf, and I keep dropping to the ground. Luckily, the glass didn't cut me anywhere. I turned back to my car after calming down a bit, and I immediately regretted. The bottom of my lips quivered, and tears stung the end of my eyes.

"BETTY BABE!! NO!!" Was all that could be heard in the pin drop silence woods as I sobbed like a lost child for my car. My beautiful car.

"Can you shut up?"

What the - ? Who said that? Am I so devastated over Betty that I'm starting to hallucinate her speaking to me?

But that can't be right. The voice was strong and masculine. Not only that, but it had the same effect as Tim does whenever he speaks, but less deep and more of a dreamy voice that sticks to you. My head swivelled to the left and right, my eyes scrutinising the woods to spot the owner of the voice.

No one was there. Just trees.

Maybe it really was Betty who was speaking. Could it be my dreams had come true? Betty's a boy?! Omg! She sounds like a hot boy too! No, stop it raging hormones. Now you're crushing on a car. Maia, you're love deprived so stop it.

"You're a guy?!" I gasped. Yes, it's lame but that's all I've got. There was a moment of silence and I was really beginning to think I was hallucinating.

Then there it was. The voice, "Of course I'm a guy! Do I look like a girl to you? Or maybe you're having a big problem with figuring out sex?"

Woah. That was harsh. "Hey! It wasn't my fault you're white! And white is a feminine colour."

The voice snorted, "White isn't a colour, doofus. And who died and make you Princess of Feminism, anyway? Just because I'm white, doesn't mean I'm a girl. Are you telling me that whoever is white is a female?"

Wow. That just burned. Alot. I couldn't seem to move my lips for a comeback because honestly, I don't have any comebacks. Folding my arms across my chest, I squinted my beady little eyes at what was once my glorious car.

"You know you're starting to sound like an asshole, Betty. I don't even know why I love you so much," I grumbled, flipping the sunkissed blonde locks onto my right shoulder blade.

Another round of silence greeted as I awaited another snarky comment to be smashed into my face. I tapped my foot impatiently, completely forgetting how incredibly stupid it was to be arguing with a wrecked car and that it was getting really late and that I need to get out of this creepy woods asap.

But sometimes, my little heart just refuse to let go. I really need to listen to Asia more, Sometimes, Maia, not everything has to be full of grudges and competitions. Sometimes, you just have to learn how to lose humbly and let go...

Nope. I'm going to follow my instincts. After what seemed like eternity, the voice sounded confuse, "Who's Betty?"

I blinked. That was so not the answer I was expecting. A loud thud rang in my ears as a figure jumped onto the broken boot of the car. My hand immediately cupped my mouth as my eyes went as large as golfballs.

It was definitely a guy, with broad shoulders and a wide chest with his arms folded across it. A look of ferocity was practically oozing out of his marble white face, his gaze narrowed and intense as those stunning blue eyes burned holes on me. I tried my best to tear my eyes away from his and not squirm.

Raking a hand through those messy blondish brown locks, those fiery blue eyes glinted with a madness behind it, "You really are dumber than you look like."

Why that little nerve - "It isn't nice to insult someone you don't know, smartass," I shot back, flaunting over towards the wrecked car and hugging it tightly, "I'm so sorry I doubted you, Betty!"

"You named your car Betty? Now that's something dumb to do," That wickedly handsome and silver-tongued male commented, and judging by his tone, I bet on Betty that he was seriously judging me.

I couldn't have been more pissed at the moment. Who doesn't name their things? So it's totally okay to call your Teddy Bear and some other dolls names but not your car?! What's wrong with people these days?

I decided the best way was to ignore him, whoever he is. Glancing at my wristwatch, it was already 6.45 pm. The corner of my left eye twitched yet again. I'm lost in the woods with a busted car and an extremely unnerving stranger who wouldn't shut his trap.

Not only that, it's getting late. My parents would be worried sick. Stupid shortcut. Stupid brain. Stupid Betty- No. Betty is life, sorry Betty.

I decided the best way was to call them and tell them I'm alright, but unfortunately, the phone couldn't get a signal. Ugh, damn satelite. I moved from place to place, trying to get a signal when my phone bleped.

Dead phone. Just Great.

A screech erupted into the night, and I was tempted to throw my phone down in pure anger. But I can't do that, my phone is the last hope I have. Sliding the small piece of technology back into my pocket, a warm and strong hand held onto my shoulder.

I jolted, and by reflex I tried to squirm free. "Cut it out, Rosie, it's just me."

Oh. Its him. And who's Rosie?

His hand was firm yet gentle as his fingers carrassed the tip of my ears. Little shivers dance around my spine as goosebumps pricked my arms. What the hell is he- ?

Just when I was about to punt kick that guy, he shoved a rose into my face. Not an actual rose, but a rose clip. It had came loose while I was screaming my head off and throwing a fit.

Oh...a wonder. My puffy cheeks reddened as I snatched the clip while muttering a flustered 'thanks'. Suddenly, he gripped onto my hand and pulled me deeper into the woods, leaving Betty behind.

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