Seoul, South Korea 6:17 PM

It's strange how yesterday, the sky was as bright as the stars sparkling at night, and the day after, nothing seems to be glowing.

Which means, today, is a rainy day.
A boy,-whose hair is as blue as the ocean, eyes as bright as the sun, and lips as soft as silk-seems like he is on his way home from college, walking on the sidewalk without an umbrella.

Not to forget the rain which has been wetting his oversized sweater which looks so cute on him gawd and his blue hair.

Damn you weather.. He thought as he continued walking on the sidewalk. Other than that, everything seemed perfectly fine, that is, before he came to an abrupt stop.

A bar, just 10 feet away from him, caught his attention. To be more exact, someone inside the bar.

He didn't know who that person was at first, but her appearance caught his attention.

She was not too short, maybe as tall as his shoulders, her hair was wavy, and a mix of black and brunette.

She was holding a bottle of soju in her right hand, and well, she was of course, drunk.

He thought she was a stranger to him, but he felt like he knew her.

She's not who I think she is right? She can't possibly be.. That's when he heard someone say,

"Taerin ah! Let's take a picture together!" And at that moment, he was sure it was the Taerin he knew from high school.

Just as he was about to brush his shoulders off, Taerin collapsed into the ground and there was a loud slam.
It was loud enough for him to hear it, and he went directly inside the bar.

Not knowing what to do, he looked around him and hesitantly carried Taerin outside of the bar, and called for a taxi.

As soon as they got in the taxi, he put her head on his lap, and quietly sighed, not wanting to wake her up.

But there was no use. Her eyes, little by little, got a clear sight of him. Realizing the situation, she jumped out of complete shock.

"Woah! I'm in a taxi with...." She stopped. "With.... with you? Mingyu?" Taerin asked in confusion.

Well, Mingyu can only reply awkwardly. "T-T-Taerin, how long has it been?

I-I thought you wouldn't remember me.." He replied as he zoned out trying to recall their high school days back then.


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So yeah, guys that was basically our first chapter, I hope you enjoy it! Since this is only the beginning, it's not that long. Stay tuned for our next chapter. Thanks for reading!

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