Chapter four

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"Mrs.Rivers. Mind answering the question on the board? If you don't have an answer then go to the principle's office," Coach Clifford said. I looked at the board. Who was in the red shirts? How am I suppose to know this?! "Garibaldi," I said. "Yes now pay attention. It's not like you have a life to worry about." That's when the impossible happened.

"Apologize to her now," Brad said. "Mr.Johnson sit down now this doesn't concern you." "It does when someone is offending one of my classmates, or someone who is important to the school."

"How is she important? She's a nobody?!" Coach Clifford yelled. "If it wasn't for Sunshine and some more kids in this school, we wouldn't have the second highest scores in the country, we wouldn't have sports teams, and your class average would be lower than it is now. Am I right Clifford?" "Why take up for her?! Look at her! She's not important enough to be in here! She is barely passing my class with a 92!" Coach Clifford yelled. "A 92?! What the fuck is wrong with you?! A 92 is higher than any other student here!" Brad yelled. "Watch your tongue boy! Who do you think you're talking to?!" Coach Clifford yelled.

"I thought I was talking to the schools basketball coach, but apparently I'm talking to a low life scum who takes pleasure in ruining students day," Brad said and looked him straight into Coach Clifford's eyes.

"Go to the principal's office now, both of you." "For what?" I asked with my feet on my desk, sitting back. "Disruptive to the class," Coach Clifford said like a smart ass.

"Do you even know what disruptive means?" I asked with an attitude.

"Being disrespectful," he said. Oh how he couldn't be more wrong. "No."

"No? Okay, smart ass. What is does it mean?" He asked. Everyone was looking at me, except Brad. He was staring at Coach Clifford. He looked pissed. I don't know why. He shouldn't care about me. I'm a nobody.

"It means to break a rule. I don't see a rule being broken. Do you?" I asked."You two have broken a lot of my rules," he said uncertain about his answer.

"What were they? When did you tell us? Because I recall you telling us our first day and I quote, "this class is going to be a blast. There are not many rules to my class but it's simple. Don't talk unless spoken to, be quiet while I'm talking, and no phones." That was it that is all you told us. We were quite while you talked, we don't have our phones out, and we were being spoken to," I said with a smirk on my face.

"Get out of my fucking class, NOW!!!" Brad and I grabbed our stuff and walked out of the room.

We walked to our lockers and put our stuff up. I grabbed my drawing binder. We were hoping that the bell was about to ring. I grabbed my phone and looked at the time. Ugh, we have over forty-five minutes till class is over. I have my first free period next.

I shut my locker and turned around and Brad was right behind me. "Oh my God Brad, don't do that," I said with my hand on my heart. He scared the shit out of me.

"Sorry, how much time until we have our next class?" "Forty-five minutes," I said. "Damn he kicked us out early. What do you have next anyway?" He asked me. "I have my first free period. What about you?" "My free period. What do you usually do?" "I go to the library and draw." "Really? Can I see some of your drawings?" He asked.

I opened up my binder. He grabbed it and looked through it."These are amazing. Is that Nathan playing basketball?" "Yeah. You see I like to draw what I see. Someone I know likes Nathan and wanted a portrait of him. So, I snapped a photo of him on my phone and drew it."

I take pride in my work. They are really good. The picture was Nathan doing a lay up. The only problem was it was in pencil. I can't draw with colored markers or anything like that.

"Is this me?" He asked. My face went red. "Uh yeah. W...we were in Coach Clifford class, and I got bored. So, I drew you." The picture was him sitting with his hand on his cheek and a pencil in the other. We were taking a test that day. I was finished and had twenty minutes left in the class.

"These are amazing. Can you draw one of me?" "Uh, sure," I said. "Great. How about tomorrow during our free period?" "Sounds great. Go to the library, so I can do it." He smiled and asked, "Hey, we still have forty minutes. What do you want to do?" I looked at him and thought, I'm pretty good at basketball. "Let's play some basketball. I'll make sure to take it easy on you," I said. "Oh so, you're going to take it easy on me?" He asked. "Yeah," I replied. "Okay, you're on," he said while smiling.

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