ya they have some kinks

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Wesley looked up from his bed. He was fully nude, and his arms and legs were tied down. His heart raced. He heard the sound of footsteps.

His girlfriend walked into his bedroom, fully clothed. "Well, look who we have here," she purred softly. "If it isn't little Wesley Crusher." Her voice made his member leave its flaccid state. "It looks like you need a little help," she whispered, climbing on top of him and tying a gag around his mouth. Her ass glazed over his cock, and he shivered at her touch.

"I see you're a little excited," She said softly. She backed up, bent down, and left her face an inch away from Wesley's dick. She drooled onto his tip, causing him to moan through the gag.

"Now, I know that you want to fuck me, but I'll only ride you when I decide to." She whispered into his fully erect member. He quaked in discomfort. He was very, very frustrated and wanted to cum.

She pulled her shirt over her head and revealed her swollen breasts. Wesley's cock ached, but all he could do was watch helplessly as she dangled them in front of his face. She dropped her chest onto Wesley's, rubbing her nipples onto his. He nearly came.

"I bet you want a taste, huh?" She taunted him. She pulled Wesley's face into her breasts. He nearly ran out of breath before she lifted them off of him. His dick stood stiffly. It felt unbearably sore.

"How about my slit? I'll bet you really want to fuck me without any protection." She said, pulling off her pants and hovering her slit mere inches above his throbbing member.

She lowered her body down and used her hand to rub his tip on her clit. He groaned in agony. She taunted him with her wet slit.

"Do you like that?" She purred, tracing her lips with his dick. "Doesn't it feel so good?" He rolled his head back and groaned.

"Do you want to fuck me Wesley? Do you want to cum inside of me?" She whispered. Wesley nodded like an bobble head. "Are you sure?" She stared him in the eyes and slid his cock in circular motions around her slit.

Wesley, to the best of his ability, moaned "Yes! Yes!" He was so close to finishing, and she knew it.

"Wesley," she bit her lip and growled softly, "You aren't going to get this opportunity again. Make the best of it." She widened her legs and lowered herself onto his dick slowly, her slit surrounding his throbbing member.

As soon as Wesley's cock hit her cervix, his spine arched and he moaned. His load shot deep into her womb. Her muscles milked his cock, and he felt his last spurts empty into her body. She pressed her ass square against Wesley's hips, untied his gag and leaned in to kiss him. Her tongue danced with his, rewarding him for waiting to finish until she was done teasing him.

Wesley's girlfriend then shifted her body slightly to let his cum exit her womb. Wesley's plethora of seed trickled out of her slit and gathered on his thin abdomen. "You're on birth control, right?" Wesley asked quietly, realizing the damage he'd done.

Wesley's girlfriend smirked and bit her lip. "No."

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