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Adopted by Cameron Dallas and Matt Espinosa

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Andrea Ree; 15 years old,From Cali Talents;Singing and Rapping,not a girly girl,has blue eyes,dirty blond hair long,Dislikes; Pink,makeup,Dresses,and girly stuff like skirts, Likes; Blue,Purple,Black,turquoise,crop tops,sweat shirts,vans and converse,sweatpants,and music, has 1 best friend, Jaime (HII-MEH) Francisco, I'm from the adoption center.

Jaime Francisco; 16 years old,From Cali,has green eyes,blond hair,Dislikes; being rude to girls,bullies,girls who wear lots of makeup, Likes; Blue and Yellow, rapping and singing,sweatpants,vans and converse,bestfriend is Andrea,from the adoption center.

Cameron Dallas; him self,21,actor,Viner,rapper.

Nash Grier; 18 years old,director,Viner.

Matthew Espinosa; youtuber,Viner,18 years old,.

Jack Johnson; 19 years old, himself,rapper,singer ,Viner.

Jack Gilinsky; 19 years old,himself,singer,Viner.

Alexia Ace; 13 years old,dirty blond hair,blue eyes,not a girly girl, sings and raps,has a twin, loves to play guitar, wears vans a lot on vine as 'Alex and Frankie'.

Francisco Jay; 13 years old,blond hair,blue green eyes, sings and raps,twin is Alex (Alexia) wears vans a lot too on vine as 'Alex and Frankie'.

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