10th October 2015

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10th October 2015
Time: 10:35 am
Place: Cafeteria

Today, Nicole and Alice haven't come to school. So, I have to sit with only Christa, Eva and Sadie. Oh. No. Laura is coming this way.


10th October 2015
Time: 9:34 pm
Place: couch at home
Didn't get time to write before and am writing past events now.

"Hey Loser, whatcha doing with your nard loser friends? This Christa is a jockette but she hasn't yet learned the ways of cool. Go and sit with you Nerdette losers, loser". My encounter with Laura hadn't gone well. I did my best to ignore her. But yet, I couldn't help but retaliate.

" Adios, los suckerdoos! Or should I say suckerpoos?" I said.

"Ah. Look who's talking. Shut up nerd. Go be teachers pet." She said in her squeaky high pitched voice. Then she turned away, Her long brown ponytail swaying behind her. Then came Simon Elton, the son of
Mrs. Elton, the boy every girl had a crush on, and he gave Laura a big wet one right on her glossed up lips.

"Gross." Was Christa, Eva and Sadie's only reaction. Maybe she was not so weird now that she had learned what to say gross for and what to say good for.

"C'mon Ellisa! You are going to have a big red palm on your cheek if you don't move, this very moment!" Shouted Christa into my ear.

"Okay, miss aggressive. I'm coming" and I left behind her.

This chapter was dedicated to
AnnaFloralEverly, one of my very supportive friends on wattpad. She wanted to see a Ellisa and Laura encounter.

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